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Latest Ghostbusters photo receives horribly sexist, fat-shaming responses


So you’re a huge Ghostbusters fan. You might not like the fact that they are remaking it. But the comments on the movie’s latest Facebook post are just ridiculous.

On the movie’s official Facebook page, a pretty sweet pic was posted showing the crew’s paranormal-fighting attire, complete with the names of the actresses who will be playing each ghostbuster.

First of all, people are hating on the fact that they look like jumpsuits with a ghostbusters patch on them. Um… isn’t that exactly what all the other movies had? The answer: yes. They are basically exactly the same costume, just a slightly different color.

The second type of comment that really grinds my gears: “Bring back the old cast!” or some variation of “bring back the same cast” from the originals.

News flash, folks: We are more likely to see Harold Ramis as a supernatural character than in a reboot of his original since he died in 2014.

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But by far and away the worse are the sexist comments, which often dip into fat-shaming Melissa McCarthy. One real winner posted, “Where is the XXXXXXL one?” Wow, dude, original. And the replies to that comment just get worse about the “no talent hack,” saying she always plays a “fat dysfunctional [character]… who can’t keep a man.”

I could not roll my eyes hard enough.

There were a few bright spots in what is otherwise a black hole of trolls. One commenter said, “Did you also hate Chris Farley? or are you just a sexist douche?”

Another person posted, “Emmy nominated with a top 10 show and has movies that consistently turn a great profit at the box office. Hmmm… can you elaborate on the definition on ‘no talent hack’?”

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The positive comments are almost nowhere to be found. Some of the negative comments didn’t, however, take aim directly at the cast but just the entire movie, in general, saying things like, “It makes no sense to me why the film company would want to go against the vast majority of what fans have been asking for for years.”

So, it appears, by their own outing, that “fans” of the Ghostbusters franchise are a bunch of sexist fat-shaming dudes. I, personally, think the movie is going to be great and that the cast is all-star. Here’s to hoping that the “franchise” is up for creating a new fan base. One that is a little more open-minded.

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