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The New York Times puts E L James in her place, big time

The New York Times doesn’t just give E L James’ newest book a scathing review; they throw shade at her, too, and it’s impossible to ignore.

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Especially since James has gotten quite the diva reputation as of late, after many big names, including director Sam Taylor-Johnson, opted out of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie sequel because of big-time creative differences. According to the rumors, James is quite the control freak when it comes to her books.

But The New York Times clearly doesn’t think she has anything to brag about. Especially not with her newest release of Grey, which tells the story of Fifty Shades of Grey from Christian Grey’s perspective.

“Condolences to the 1.1 million people who rushed out to buy E L James’ Grey,” the first line of the article begins. And it only gets worse (or better) from there.

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The powerhouse newspaper went way further than trashing the novel. It’s a review that’s so hilariously scathing, it might be the most hated book ever published.

The Times despises the book so much that the review even uses the words “author” and “book” advisedly.

“Ms. James, a former writer of fan fiction who is nothing if not shrewd, has managed to outshine the many authors who write similar, better or crazier material than her own,” though the newspaper has seemingly no answer for her success.

“Her own fans write better stories about Christian Grey than she does,” the reviewer unflinchingly adds, and seems to take special offense to Christian’s inner conversations with his penis.

Yup, you read that right. Christian Grey’s penis has a voice in the book.

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“Ms. James’ own imagination is limited, and she has already taken it about as far as it’ll go.”

But, despite how epically bad the book may be, it still managed to sell over a million copies in just four days — meaning James is still getting rich off all the hate.

Did you read Grey? Was it as bad as The New York Times would have everyone believe?

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