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E L James gets ripped to shreds by feminists on Twitter

Oh, man. Fifty Shades of Grey author E L James’ publicist is probably about to lose his/her job. Why? She clearly doesn’t know James’ audience or the way Twitter works.

Earlier today, James’ people announced a Twitter chat with the author of the highly controversial Fifty Shades series. What happened on the #AskELJames tag was far from what the author was surely hoping for, but exactly what you’d expect from the intelligent, socially conscious people of Twitter. Sure, there might have been some actual fan questions as well, but they were mostly flooded out by people calling James out on her grammar, the originality of her characters and, most importantly, the unstable relationship between her male and female leads. Dear lord. It was beautiful.

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Then there were the comments on her writing abilities.

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And, of course, the people who called out her fan-fic ties.

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