Shia LaBeouf caught on video freestyle rapping, and it's just weird (VIDEO)

Jun 29, 2015 at 2:11 p.m. ET
Image: C.Smith/

Over the years, the world has come to learn that Shia LaBeouf is a little quirky and rather controversial, and this latest video of his freestyle rapping is no exception — he even tears into the Transformers franchise a little bit.

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In a video that was posted on YouTube on Sunday, the Nymphomaniac: Volume I actor can be seen rapping, with some of the lyrics including, "Eat any rapper like I'm eating tuna casserole," and, "Nah, none of that / Transformers is the dummy rap / I'm so past that."


But if you thought that the video was weird, well, it's not the weirdest part. Because according to Us Weekly, one woman, emcee Pri the Honeydark, is slamming LaBeouf for using the lyrics from an Anomolies song — and according to the publication, he did use a version of the line and a verse.

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Taking to Instagram, she posted a picture in which she claimed that the actor had ripped the lyrics from Anomolies song "Perfectionist."

"Shia Lebouf [sic] straight stole bars from the song 'Perfectionist', written, recorded and performed by my ANOMOLIES crew members @invincibledet and @helixxwashere in 1999! Over a DECADE ago! We are battle MCs! Step into the arena! This is straight disrespect to lyricism," she wrote in the caption.

Shia LaBeouf slammed for ripping lyrics from an Anomolies song

Image: Pri the Honeydark/Instagram

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However, LaBeouf does have some people in his corner, as is evident by the comments on the post, telling Pri the Honeydark that "it's not that serious, he was having fun while drunk lmao, chill," and, "As if he had even heard your music, besides ever hear of coincidence? #obscure"

Another fan of LaBeouf wrote a lengthy message defending his use of the lyrics, saying, "...It's a man rapping in the backyard with his friends, someone recorded it and posted it. It probably gave the song the most recognition it's ever had. No one except you noticed that some of ur lines were used."

Do you agree? Is it not a big deal that Shia LaBeouf ripped some lines from an Anomolies song? Or is it definitely not cool? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.