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The Duggars caught in confusing legal trouble involving a house foreclosure

Now this is a strange tale, so try to stay with me.

We all know Jim Bob Duggar is in the business of real estate, and recently we’ve learned there were a few legal issues with some of the properties he has owned over the years. That isn’t all that unheard of when dealing with property changing hands and people leasing buildings, etc.

But the latest incident involving a house, which is now in foreclosure, is just confusing.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online from the Washington County Circuit Court, in late August of 2011, the Duggar parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, purchased a three-bedroom, three-bath home in nearby Fayetteville for a whopping $10.

That is the first strange thing. Why only $10?

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The woman they purchased the house from, Kathryn Keller, apparently was allowed to continue living in the house.

Strange detail No. 2.

Was the low price of the home supposed to help her and the Duggars would then pay the mortgage? We have no idea, but it is really odd.

Apparently, whatever happened, two years later, the mortgage was so far behind that Navistar Mortgage Inc. began the process of foreclosing on the home.

Was there confusion over who was supposed to be paying for the home? Again, we don’t know.

But in August 2014, Jim Bob served the mortgage company’s trustee, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, with a lawsuit claiming they were never informed about the foreclosure. Now they are asking the court if they would be allowed to buy out the home and save it from foreclosure.

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They stated, “Plaintiffs were not put on notice of the statutory foreclosure and therefore have an absolute right of redemption, which was not extinguished by the foreclosure references hereon.”

The issue was supposed to be brought up on a court date at the beginning of May of this year, but both parties asked for a later court date.

Knowing these details just leaves us with more questions. It sounds like, if we are purely speculating, that the Duggars may have had good intentions here by allowing the woman to live in the home. But we have no context to know what type of agreement they might have worked out if anything at all. We also don’t know if maybe Keller was notified, presumably, of the foreclosure, and never notified the Duggars.

So many odd details. But the long and short of it is that they are trying to rehabilitate the property and keep it out of foreclosure, it seems. Maybe once it is brought up in court, we can get some more of the story.

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