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Jill and Derick Dillard allegedly distancing themselves from the Duggars

Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard allegedly have a new business together, which could prove 19 Kids and Counting is done for good.

According to RadarOnline, the young couple filled paperwork to begin Dillard Family Ministries on June 17. Derick also quit his job at Walmart, where he worked in the accounting department, not too long before that on June 10.

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“This new ministry is their ‘Plan B’ now that it’s unlikely their reality show will be coming back,” the outlet’s source revealed.

The business filing shows that the couple plans to co-direct the new company, though the purpose behind it all remains to be seen. Fans have speculated that the couple might be planning a mission to Nepal, which is where they first met.

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But, with a newborn baby, that trip might just be a work in progress. The couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Israel, back in April.

Since that happy news, things have unfortunately gone downhill for the Duggar family. News surfaced in May that Josh Duggar had inappropriately touched his sisters and other young girls when he was a teenager. Despite countless public appearances and social media statements from the Duggar family to attempt to mitigate the situation, their time as a picture-perfect family has seemingly come to an end.

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And while it’s justifiable that Derick and Jill would be ready to move on to a new adventure, their new business has also caused speculation that it isn’t just a career change, but also a path change — away from the rest of the family and the scandal that still haunts them.

Do you think the timing of the career change is just coincidental, or is it because Derick and Jill are hoping to distance themselves from the family?

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