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Party Down South: Karynda blogs about all the drama that’s been going down

This week, we have two sets of relationship drama! This is what sucks about being roommates with people who are in a relationship – no matter how hard you try to stay out of their business (for your sake and for theirs), you’re somehow always brought into the drama.

Raven and Bradley called it quits again, but this time I feel like this is it. I can already see that Raven feels better because she was able to tell Bradley completely how she feels. Bradley was hurting, but I think he’s taking it pretty well this week compared to last week. It’s probably because he cried all of his tears last week and has none left at this point.

Like I have said before, I know it has to be hard living with your ex, but I agree with Tommy, they definitely need some space. So that’s what us roommates are here for — we will help keep the drama down by splitting up the guys and girls as much as possible and helping them move rooms.

I really like Kelsie. She is fun, outgoing and she likes to get drunk. However, I have known Hunter longer than I’ve known her, so I wanted to make sure she had the right intentions with my “brother.” I wanted to see if she liked him just as a friend, or more, because we all knew Hunter definitely wanted more with her, we just really couldn’t see where she was going with this. So when I asked her if she really liked him, I was pleased with the answer of “yes,” because I wanted them to be together. I think they’re super cute and a fun time when they’re together.

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Is it boys vs. girls in the house?

As you may have noticed, the guys and girls are splitting up a lot, lately. It’s not because the guys don’t like the girls, but because there’s no drama when the boys are together (for the most part) and just good times when the girls are together. This time we decided to have a “Girls’ Day” because the night before, literally everyone was arguing. Bradley and Raven were having an argument, and I told Raven to go inside because I didn’t want her hearing what Bradley was saying.

She got mad at me. Then, Tommy and Bradley called me two-faced. And then the Kelsie/Hunter incident happened. It was not a good night for any of us, so we definitely needed a break from each other. I’m not very good with giving advice to the girls when they’re having problems with their significant others, so I usually just suggest that we all get drunk. I don’t know if me getting drunk is helping them… or actually helping me, ha!

Ashton was actually there for Raven on the beach when she and Bradley broke up, and also when she noticed Raven looking upset as she watched Bradley have fun at Hogan’s Beach. I’m supposed to be Raven’s best friend and help her through this hard time, but instead, I was a little selfish and made my main priority getting drunk, so I didn’t realize the pain she was in. The next day, after I sobered up, I realized how much of an ass I was to Raven by not talking to her. I apologized to her and made sure she knew I would be there for her from now on. Besties always have each other’s backs no matter what.

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Tommy is definitely the man to lean on in the house when you need support. I never realized how great Tommy is at making people feel better when they’re in crappy situations. This week, he talked to Bradley, Kelsie and Hunter, and made them all feel better. Tommy has been there for me in a couple of my own crappy situations, and I appreciate him for that. He always knows the right things to say, whether he’s drunk or sober. I guess we can say Tommy is the go-to man, the shoulder to lean on, the love doctor, etc.

The roommates who did — and didn’t — score

Good ol’ Duke bringing another girl home and not scoring — again. At this point, I’m just telling myself that Duke is too much of a gentleman. Duke is that nice guy in the movies who has a lot of strikeouts, but in the end he’ll finally win. It may take him bringing a girl home 5,678,435 times before he actually scores, but it will happen (Love ya, Duke).

When Raven kissed the guy at “Undertow,” I was yet again partying, so I had no clue that it happened. When I found out the next day, I was shocked, but then again, why the heck wouldn’t she do it? She’s single, and if it makes her feel better about the situation by getting some tongue action, then do what ya gotta do, girl. When I heard that Bradley kissed a girl, I was surprised. We all knew he and Raven had kissed other people, but it was easier to keep that a secret so it wouldn’t start any drama. They are both single and can do what they want, so it wasn’t a big deal to us.

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This vacation, I have had a few incidents where I’ve been drinking and then at the end of the night I find my body breaking out in red, hot welts. We’ve tried to keep track of everything I was eating, drinking and touching when this happens so we can determine if it’s an allergic reaction. It may be my body telling me to slow down on the partying, but that’s so hard to do. We only have a few weeks left of this vacation!

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