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The Walking Dead: 6 Clues about the new season (VIDEO)

Michael Cudlitz takes viewers behind the scenes of The Walking Dead and reveals clues (and makes fan fiction dreams come true) in the process.

The Walking Dead is lurching back to TV for Season 6 in October, but thanks to a set tour video from Michael Cudlitz (Abraham), a few secrets have already been revealed. Most of the video is devoted to watching the cast goof around. Trust me, it’s a nice change of pace from the usual dour mood of the show. The best moment is definitely when Norman Reedus locks lips with an unsuspecting Danai Gurira and makes all of our Daryl/Michonne fan fiction dreams come true. There are also a few legitimate teases for Season 6 tucked in among all the hijinks, though, as long as you look closely.

1. Rick’s group is on the road again

Will the first episode start with a flashback, or is Rick’s group on the move again? The group is supposed to be setting up base in Alexandria, but they appear to still be roughing it when the season begins. Maybe they’re moving through the woods on a supply mission. They are surrounded by quite a few huge trucks that could be holding resources.

2. Morgan’s skills with his staff will come into play

Cudlitz asks Lennie James (Morgan) if he knows the backstory to Morgan’s cool staff, and James hints that he thinks he knows the origins. Please let that mean there is a Morgan-centric episode on the horizon.

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3. Michonne is definitely coming back

There were rumors swirling that Gurira had not been seen shooting with the rest of the cast, but she is seen here laughing it up with the rest of the gang. That doesn’t mean she’s safe. It is comforting to know Michonne is not missing just yet, though.

4. There’s more info on The Wolves coming

Sonequa Martin-Green is as curious about the lawless, kidnapping Wolves as everyone else is. While she remains tight-lipped about what is ahead, she does suggest there’s more to come with these baddies. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

5. The group is stocking up on tools

Is there already trouble brewing in Alexandria? Nearly the entire main cast is seen trekking out of the forest with shovels and other tools. It looks like they could be prepping for walkers… or maybe they’re just starting a garden.

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6. The first episode is going to blow your mind

Hey, Cudlitz’s words, not mine. Since the video was filmed during the first day of shooting, it’s safe to say the cast will be involved in something big. They are all together and out in the open, instead of at the Alexandria base. That has to mean walkers or Wolves. Either way, there will probably be blood.

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The Walking Dead Season 6 begins October 2015 on AMC.

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