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Tyra Banks reveals ridiculous expectations put on models today (PHOTO)

Tyra Banks shared a Throwback Thursday pic to illustrate the difference between the modeling world today and in her heyday, but why isn’t she using her supermodel powers for good?

The supermodel shared a pic of herself in her younger days, backstage at a major fashion show, and included a long commentary on how different the industry is for models today.

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We totally get her point. Young girls in the modeling industry are pitted against each other and only the thinnest survive. The skinnier the better, and if you don’t look perfect 100 percent of the time, you won’t get work. When Tyra reigned the runways, women were much curvier and were able to express more personality both on and off-duty.

But something about her phrasing is bothersome. While there is definitely a seedy underbelly to the modeling world, expounding on these types of problems seems disingenuous when she herself is still a major player in the industry and has the power to do something about it above and beyond America’s Next Top Model.

Tell us: Should Tyra Banks use more of her power to change the modeling industry’s scary-perfect standards?

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