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Lady Gaga’s Disney princess shirt is disgusting on so many levels (PHOTO)

And we thought the meat dress was taking things to the extreme.

Lady Gaga‘s latest outfit has our jaws dropping. In the worst way possible.

I’m all for celebrities making statements with their outfits. Normally, I live by the mantra that it’s your body so you should do whatever you want with it.

But don’t mess with my childhood.

And not only did Lady Gaga ruin part of my fairy tale soul, she did it in public, where kids — and the rest of the world — could see.

The shirt shows Snow White scantily clad with her breasts and vagina bared for all to see, while the dwarfs fondle her in an orgy scene that is so perverse, it’s important you are forewarned.


But… here it is.
I can’t believe she even had the gall to purchase a shirt like this, let alone wear it out and about like it’s a casual tee. What would inspire her to think this was a good idea? The only answer I can come up with is that she was in need of some good publicity, which is really the most pathetic excuse. But I guess it worked. It just cost her some serious respect and integrity.

Especially at a time when a lot of fans were thinking she had taken a turn for the genuine, this seems like a huge, disappointing step back for the pop star.

Now, I get that Disney princesses have lost a lot of their charm over the past decade. We’ve started to realize that all the stereotypes and unrealistic expectations the movies present really aren’t all that healthy when they’re embedded into your mind at such a young age. And I completely support productive discussions on how we can move forward and better the content we’re giving to children.

But this is none of that.

This is horrifyingly offensive.

Excuse me while I go rinse out my eyes and try to forget the image that is brutally burned into my brain.

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