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Ryan Reynolds gets crude to explain how he’s different from Ryan Gosling

What’s the difference between Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds?

Well, Reynolds has the hilarious, albeit crude, answer for you to make the point that they are definitely not the same person.

Warning: The tweet below is definitely NSFW…

A twitter user named Gabrielle said casually online that she wasn’t sure the difference between the two A-listers. And she got way more of a response than she bargained for.

She didn’t even tag Gosling or Reynolds in the post, nor did she include any hashtags. Yet Reynolds somehow found the tweet nonetheless and provided one of his cheekiest responses yet.

And while we definitely think Reynolds meant the tweet in jest, it’s still important to make a note to self after this one: Never say Reynolds is similar to Gosling. Though it’s definitely a comment that will get his attention. Just not the kind of attention you hope to get from him, if you catch my drift.

Though Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, tend to keep out of the spotlight, especially since Lively gave birth to their first child, James, six months ago, they both consistently keep a sense of humor about their social media profiles.
Gosling, who is even less active on social media, has yet to comment on the post, though we’d love it if he kept this thread going.

Do you think Reynolds’ Twitter response was meant only in fun, or was he upset by the comment?

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