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Stop shaming Kris Jenner for being a sexually active older woman

Dear concerned citizens of the world, I have a public service announcement to make. Are you sitting down? Here goes. Women “of a certain age” still have sex… including Kris Jenner.

Shocking, I know.

When Kris Jenner, 59, and boyfriend Corey Gamble, 34, dared to show each other physical affection on the red carpet at the Cannes Lions festival Wednesday night, the internet’s head almost exploded with expressions like, “Whoa mama!” and “boytoy.”

My head almost exploded with thoughts like, “Get it, girl!” and “Good for you, lady.”

Because, honestly, isn’t it refreshing to see an older woman embrace her sexuality? No one bats an eye when older men do it — Johnny Depp with Amber Heard, Olivier Sarkozy with Mary-Kate Olsen, Jeff Goldblum with Emilie Livingston… believe me, that list goes on and on, my friends.

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Of course, sexuality for the 50-plus set isn’t just relegated to romantic liaisons with much younger partners. There are plenty of happily married Hollywood couples who qualify for senior citizen discounts, and still love to have sex.

You cannot tell me that Denzel Washington, 60, and Pauletta Washington, 64, — who’ve been married for 30 years — don’t still enjoy a good romp. I mean, you could, but I wouldn’t believe you. And we all know Suzanne “The Thighmaster” Somers is still going strong with her husband of 35 years, Alan Hamel — she has been quoted as saying one of the secrets to a long marriage is “great sex.”

What’s the deal, then, with the public shame or ick factor when a woman of a certain age talks about that sex life or, heaven forbid, hints at it by engaging in a little PDA?

Why are women stuck with being a paragon of chastity? Let me hit you with a little truth.

According to the most comprehensive sex survey ever done among 57- to 85-year-olds in the United States, seniors citizens, well, they really like sex, y’all. In the 57- to 64-year-old demographic, 73 percent of participants polled were sexually active. In the 64- to 75-year-old demographic, 53 percent of participants were sexually active.

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What’s more, more than half of the participants in the 57- to 75-year-old demographic copped to giving or receiving oral sex — so did a third of those older than 75.

Kris Jenner’s boyfriend nibbled her neck a little on the red carpet, and that’s a problem for people because… it implies she is having sex? That shouldn’t be taboo — it should be empowering, especially for women.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy sex. At 32, I’m in the window largely considered to be a woman’s sexual prime. So, hey, maybe I’m even enjoying it more than many right now. In any case, I certainly don’t want to wake up one morning and have to say, “Oh, shit. I’m 50. The sex stops here!”

What fun is there in that?

After all, Jenner has six children. The woman clearly knows a thing or two about sex. Admittedly, I’ve not been one of the momager’s superfans in the past, but I find the frankness with which she is now addressing her sexuality to be encouraging.

Like any woman’s right with a residual stigma, the more we talk about our sexuality at a certain age and the more we address it openly and honestly, the more power we have in destigmatizing it.

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Personally, I’d like to go on record now as saying I absolutely plan to still be grabbing my husband’s ass (if you’ve seen it, you understand) and have him nibbling my neck well into our golden years. Hell, I hope that when I’m 90, I’ll still be clenching my dentures at night, if you catch my drift.

So Kris, do your thing, baby. ‘Cause while sex shouldn’t stop at 50 for women, getting shamed for getting some once you cross that threshold definitely should.

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