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8 Intense moments from the Manhattan Season 2 trailer

Last fall, WGN America’s second-ever scripted series, Manhattan, took the world by storm and sent fans careening back in time by about 70 years. What happened at the Manhattan Project and to the people of Los Alamos? It’s time to peek behind the fences once again.

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Last year’s Manhattan premiere was slow and deliberate but intriguing nonetheless. Those who stuck around to give it a chance were quickly enthralled with the lives of Frank Winter and his team of scientists. Are any of them spies? Will any of their equations hold the answer America desperately needs? In a gated off-Army base-turned-city, a million miles from nowhere, a community was formed, new names were given and lives were put on the line, all in the name of peace. Season 2 picks up where we left off, but this time, it looks like we’re coming in hot. The first trailer is short but suspenseful.
Here are the moments that have us most concerned, delighted and downright frightened for our friends in Los Alamos.

1. “You are aware that you are under oath”

Oh, I’d know that voice anywhere. It’s Richard Schiff (West Wing), and he’s back to pepper the scientists and spouses with questions. But as we already know, even the most honest person can begin to doubt themselves after spending enough time with Occam twisting their words. Careful, careful.

2. Charlie Isaacs says he’s good at keeping secrets

To a certain extent, we imagine that’s what they want to hear from people working on the top-secret project. But can Occam twist that around, too? Is Isaacs good at keeping secrets like a real spy identity or other sketchy connections, or only good at keeping the secrets the U.S. government asks of him?

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3. “Have you ever interfered with national security?”

We hear both a yes and a no. So what does that mean, and where will it go? In the interrogation pit, it’s anyone’s guess.

4. Abby says she knows what her husband is doing

From the very get-go, we watched Charlie turn up the radio and whisper into his wife’s ear all the answers to her questions about what they were doing in this virtual police state. But did he tell her the truth, or a believable lie to calm her down and keep her with him? We didn’t know, but we’ll find out soon, assuming Occam asks her to elaborate.

5. “Would you sacrifice your family for the good of your country?”

Oh, Occam, you tricky man. We already know the answer to this. We spent months with these people, watching as their marriages and sanity unraveled. How much farther can you push them?

6. “Have you had sexual relations with a communist?”

What is this even hinting at? Is one of the wives believed to be a communist? Could this be related to Charlie and Helen’s “thing”? Or Fitz’s? Tell us more, and tell us soon.

7. That season tagline

“How much evil does it take to do good?” Pffft. After Manhattan Season 1, we already know Oppenheimer, Occam and the gang believe it takes a lot of evil. But they don’t really see it as evil, do they? This seems promising for an even more twisted second season.

8. Liza

For the love of God, please get Liza out of there. She’s our favorite, but she’s fragile right now.

Manhattan Season 2 premieres this October. Don’t keep it a secret.

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