Courtney Love held hostage in Paris by angry mob

Jun 25, 2015 at 11:10 a.m. ET
Image: FayesVision/

Courtney Love got wrapped up in some scary business while she was in France.

Love had just arrived in Paris and was driving into the city. The problem was, she was in an Über car when she encountered a group of protesters, largely taxicab drivers, who quickly turned into an angry, violent mob, holding Love, her driver, and others with her captive for over an hour.


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The mob was upset because they feel Über is disadvantaging them because they don't have to pay high licensing fees and can thus charge lower rates than traditional taxi drivers. The situation was serious enough that French police dressed in riot gear and wielding tear gas were dispatched to break up the protest.

According to Love, the mob destroyed the two vehicles in her convoy with metal bats, lit tires on fire and even overturned several other vehicles.


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While the second car she was with was being surrounded, Love made her harrowing escape. The "Doll Parts" singer flagged down two motorcyclists and paid them to sneak her out of the melee. When the mob noticed she was getting away, it began to chase her down, throwing rocks at her.

Once safe, Love took to social media to not only let people know what happened but to express her relief and gratitude toward her saviors. She also warned Kanye West, who had apparently just landed in Paris as well, to stay put.


We are glad Love and her companions are all OK, but let's hope Paris does something about those seriously upset taxi drivers, and maybe even the disparity with the unfair advantage Über seems to have over them.

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