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Laura Prepon may have just spoiled OITNB Season 4 in a huge way

Laura Prepon clearly isn’t a fan of cliffhangers.

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WARNING: Major Orange Is the New Black spoilers ahead. If you haven’t finished Season 3 and you don’t want to know major events from the finale, don’t read ahead.

The actress, who plays Alex Vause on the show, posted a photo on Instagram that could be a dead giveaway of what’s to come in the hit Netflix series’ next season.

In the snap, she’s dressed as her character. In the caption, she uses emoji check marks next to “glasses,” “eyeliner” and “badge,” and writes, “excited to get out there and make an awesome season for you guys! #season4 #alexvause #Oitnb #bestfansever”

That’s right. #season4.

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Does this mean Alex will be back for Season 4? And if so, does that mean Aydin DIDN’T kill her in the greenhouse at the end of Season 3?

Those who have finished the season, which was released two weeks ago, will remember that it ended with Alex being cornered in the greenhouse at Litchfield by Aydin, drug dealer Kubra’s right-hand man. Earlier in the season, we saw Aydin do Kubra’s dirty work — he shot Fahri right in front of Alex.

In Season 2, Alex testified against Kubra in court, and she knows that crossing him means he’ll seek revenge — that’s what got Fahri killed.

Considering all of that, it was easy to assume Aydin would kill Alex, and Prepon’s character wouldn’t be back for Season 4. Now, we have reason to hope she survives.

Still, it’s possible that Prepon is only filming her death scene, or maybe flashbacks. With the way Alex and Piper’s relationship unraveled at the end of the third season, it was a little too convenient for Prepon to make her exit — we’ve come to expect more drama than that. And with Piper’s new girl Stella in max, Alex has a chance to swoop in and win back her on again, off again love interest.

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Do you think Alex Vause will survive to see another season? Or do you think Kubra will get his revenge? Head down to the comments and let us know.

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