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11 Most dramatic Real Housewives of Orange County fights ever (VIDEOS)

There’s rarely a dull moment during an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but some scenes are certainly more worthy of conversation the next day than others. Here are the 11 most insane, explosive fights ever among the girls in the O.C. Holy catfight!

11. The “Did you go to Bass Lake?” fight

Ugh, if there ever was an uncomfy Real Housewives ep, it was the one where Tamra Barney accused Gretchen Rossi of being insensitive toward her dying husband, Jeff. “Did you go to Bass Lake?” Tamra rudely asked in front of everyone, implying that Gretchen was so unaffected by her husband’s cancer that she went on vacation. Awk-ward!

10. The “cyst and decease” letter
Waaaay back in the day when Jeana Keough was on RHOC, she and Tamra got into an explosive fight. Tamra issued her a “cyst and decease” letter; Jeana told Tamra she was going to “throw her skinny ass in the pool;” and for the finale, Tamra threw a drink in Jeana’s face. Classic.

9. Dude fight

Terry Dubrow and David Beador locked horns and went at it at a dinner last season after David told Heather to “spread her legs” at a hoedown a few weeks earlier. Um, understandable that Terry would be so pissed!

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8. Briana Wolfsmith versus Brooks Ayers
Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter Briana has never held back on how much she dislikes her mom’s boyfriend, Brooks. But things came to a head at the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion when Briana ripped Brooks a new one after she heard him telling her husband to hit her to get her to “stay in line.”

7. The “You ate the bow?” fight

If there’s one thing Heather Dubrow doesn’t mess around with, it’s her parties. So, when a very rude (very drunk) guest named Sarah broke the bow off of her untouched cake and ate it, not surprisingly, all hell broke loose. (I mean, seriously, who does that?)

6. The younger generation goes at it

A long, lonnnng time ago when Lauri Peterson was on RHOC, a massive fight broke out during a photo shoot with some of the cast member’s daughters. None of the daughters were involved in the smackdown, but wow, talk about major drama in the O.C. These girls were nuts.

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5. Tamra versus everyone

When Shannon Beador confronted Tamra about her lying and about how she has a tendency to “play both sides,” things quickly escalated. Before we knew it, Lizzie Rovsek chimed in by saying, “Tamra, you’re the most insecure woman I’ve ever met in my life.” Ouch.

4. Tamra versus Simon

Noticing a theme here? Shortly before Tamra and her ex-husband Simon decided to (thankfully) get a divorce, there was major tension between the two of them. Eventually, it erupted in a super-uncomfy fight in a limo ride.

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3. Gretchen goes off on Tamra

Gretchen Rossi was seriously offended that Tamra and Vicki ditched her in Mexico while she was in the bathroom. It’s hard not to laugh during the fight, though, since Vicki and Tamra are so drunk.

2. A pretentious intervention

Back when Alexis Bellino was on Real Housewives of Orange County, the girls became fed up with her “pretentiousness.” So, what did they do? They had an intervention. Alexis wasn’t hearing what the girls had to say, and of course, it resulted in a fight.

1. Shannon gets kicked out of Heather’s house

One of the most awkward and uncomfy RHOC fights ever was when Heather Dubrow kicked Shannon Dubrow out of her house. There really are no words that can describe this one.

Which is the craziest fight to you?

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