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Graceland‘s Serinda Swan answers top 13 fan questions (EXCLUSIVE)

Actress Serinda Swan gave us an exclusive sneak peek into Graceland Season 3 and all the drama that’s about to unfold for her character Paige. It’s definitely going to be an emotionally charged story line, that’s for sure.

1. Which character did you film the most scenes with this year?

“That’s a really good question,” Swan said. “I think it’s been pretty evenly spaced out. I’ve probably had more of a majority with Briggs [Daniel Sunjata] this year, though. Shocker! You wanted me to say Mike! But we don’t know what happened to him.”

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2. What’s in store for Mike and Paige?

“Well, we’ve got two options. One, he’s alive and things are going to be messy. And, two, he’s dead and things will still be messy,” she teased.

3. Is redemption a season theme for all the characters?

“Yes and no. I think there’s an underlining current of that, but we continue to kind of not take that into consideration. Like I was telling you, my legs are stained pink because I was covered in blood [for a scene on set]. I mean, it’s one of those things where we’re doing what we believe is right but if it was anybody else, if it was somebody that we considered to be a bad person, we would not make any excuses for them. Whereas, for ourselves, we actually make excuses in order to be able to justify this so, especially for Paige, definitely her story this year is about redemption and struggling with her actions and figuring out how to possibly redeem herself and if she possibly can.”

4. Will we ever see Paige smile again?

“Yes, I can guarantee you will. You absolutely will. It was funny. When we were doing the wardrobe for this year, I went in and it was one of my things, I was like, ‘I can’t wear colors too early. She’s grieving. She’s black. She’s done some terrible things. We can’t go into it.’ So like a month or so ago, our girl from wardrobe came in and was like, ‘Is it too early for blue? It’s a dark blue, but I feel like we might still be able to move her into blues and things.’ So if I can tell you anything, yesterday I was wearing a white dress.”

5. What do you think of the fans’ loyalty to Pike?

“I love it! I absolutely love it. I think it’s so cute! I think it’s absolutely lovely. I love when you see people and they’re like, ‘I still ship Pike! You’re a terrible bitch for doing what you did, but I still love you together.”

Swan continued, “I think they were a great couple together. There was a lot of fun. I think there could have been a lot more to be explored but I like where they took it, so keep Piking away.”

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6. What’s a story line or episode you’re really excited for fans to see?

“I would say the second episode is really nice because you kind of get to see Paige emotionally break from everything that happened, and you get a little more explanation into her world from, like, the last season. But I honestly think this last episode that I just shot, where my legs are stained from, it’s a badass scene. It is one of those episodes where at the end of it you’re going to be like, ‘What? Just. Happened.’ So I think, for me, that would be Episode 10. Episode 10 is a great episode for Paige.”

7. What’s going on with Briggs and Paige?

“We’re kind of teaming up this season. We’re helping each other out. We’re on the same case. Paige goes undercover on Briggs’ case so they’re working directly together. As much of a team as you can be with Briggs. It seems like no matter what the team may be with him, you’re always playing slightly different games, so it’s her trying to figure out what is [the] truth with him, what is actually going on and, at the same time, they’re very close. She kind of blindly follows him into quite a mess.”

8. What’s something new we’re going to see this season that we haven’t seen before?

“The Armenian mob. You’re going to see a lot of different crossovers. So Charlie and Jakes are together a lot during that time. Briggs and I. You’ll see some of the characters from last year come back, some of the guest stars. And we have a whole new slew of ridiculously talented guest stars this season. But I think a lot of it will be the new matchups between the characters.”

9. Who can we expect to guest star this season?

“Rhys Coiro, he’s been announced. He was Billy Walsh on Entourage, the creepy director guy. He’s one of my favorite human beings on the planet. I love him so much. He’s amazing. He wears, like, boat socks and grandpa shoes, like, all the time. He’s just the sweetest character in the world. He’s been, like, our main bad guy throughout. We also have some really cool directors. Right now, we have Lucy Liu. She’s directing right now. She’s such a sweetheart! Really talented.”

10. What’s the scariest stunt you had to do this season?

“There was a stunt that went bad. That ended up with real glass all over me. And, like, cut. That was a bad one.”

Swan said she had to keep filming, so they just applied makeup so she could continue the rest of the day.

“I have a window that explodes on me. And a car accident. I think one of the worst stunts, though, and it’s so easy though. It’s a car chase following. And the police officers forgot to lock down the road, so we’re going through an intersection and a car was like—” (Swan makes a grinding noise.) “This happened like three times and finally I was like, ‘Guys, you need to lock up the roads.’ And I had two other actors with me in the car. They would make us, like, go through red lights, and I was like, ‘It’s fine. I don’t mind being a defensive driver, but I have precious cargo here.’ It’s crazy! There [have] been a lot of stunts this year.”

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11. What’s the hardest emotional thing you’ve had to do this season?

“There’s a scene where Paige has to, basically, talk about how she doesn’t deserve redemption after everything that happened last season. She’s basically plagued by the fact that living in the house, seeing all of them, it’s not a dream, it’s not a nightmare she can wake up from. She wakes up and she’s in her own nightmare. And I think it was just trying to make sure it answers a lot of the questions that fans have of, ‘How could you possibly do that to Mike,’ and I felt like that was such an important thing as Serinda, to try to get people to understand. And, here’s the thing: I feel like what she did was wrong in some ways, absolutely, so I’m not afraid of being a bad character, but I definitely wanted people to try and see it, especially emotionally, the humanity of it.”

12. Do you think Paige is more mad at herself than her housemates are?

“Yeah, for sure. I think Paige is really a controlled person that lives a lot through her heart and is somebody that prides herself in her morals and who she is, and I think that it was not just her betrayal of Mike, it was an absolute betrayal of herself.”

13. And last, but definitely not least: Is Mike alive?

At this Swan laughs. “Oh my God you have to put that in! That is amazing. I was literally like, ‘Yeah, yeah? Oh…’ I can’t say anything.”

What are you most excited to see in Graceland Season 3?

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