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Perez Hilton’s new Full House gig is totally unexpected

Perez Hilton is stepping away from talking gossip to become newsworthy himself.

Hilton announced on the Howard Stern Show on Tuesday that he will be playing Danny Tanner in the upcoming production of Full House: The Musical.

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“I’m really excited to announce… it’s really exciting for me, I’m going to be playing Bob Saget, basically, in a musical!” the celebrity blogger explained. “There’s a new musical based on Full House called Full House: The Musical!… we’re starting in Toronto in late August and coming to New York City in September.”

The National Lampoon production will replace the Saved by the Bell parody, Bayside! The Musical!, at the Lower Manhattan Playhouse, according to Us Weekly. Alongside Hilton, Bayside! alums like Seth Blum and Amanda Nichols will be taking on the roles of Joey and D.J. Tanner, respectively.

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Full House: The Musical will also star Marguerite Halcovage as Stephanie Tanner, Marshall Louise as Michelle Tanner and John Duff as Uncle Jesse.

The news of Hilton’s addition came as a surprise to many who didn’t realize he could sing.

“Yeah, I’m singing in it… I’ve been working with this amazing vocal coach named Liz Caplan for a few years,” Hilton explained. “It’s going to be off-Broadway in New York City at a theater on St. Mark’s Place. In Toronto, we’re playing a big theater, 500 seats!”

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Full House revivals seem to be everywhere right now. Not only is Netflix planning a 13-episode reboot that will follow D.J. as an adult, but Lifetime is also doing Full House: The Unauthorized Story, giving fans a behind-the-scenes dramatized look at the cast of the ’90s hit.

Do you think Perez Hilton can pull off the role of Danny Tanner?

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