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Kevin Bacon admits the scary parenting mistake he made as a new dad

One of the happiest times of Kevin Bacon’s life almost became the most tragic because of one easy mistake.

Any new parent will tell you that the first car ride home from the hospital with your tiny newborn is one of the most nerve-wracking things you will ever do — and nerves can cause people to make some major mistakes. The Cop Car star said that he and wife Kyra Sedgwick made a hugely major one with their son Travis.

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“When my son was born — it’s Father’s Day, so I’m thinking about him, especially since he’s here — we took him back from the hospital,” he told Vulture at the new movie’s premiere. “We locked a newborn in the car with the keys in the car and the motor running.”

Terrifying! Luckily, someone was on hand to help.

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“A guy from the garage put his fist through the window and broke in because my wife and I were obviously panicked. My publicist is laughing at me. We were new parents. You know, it was hard.”

For the record, Travis seems no worse for wear. He is now all grown up and a musician who plays in the band Idiot Box, and he owns a recording studio in New York City.

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