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Hannibal fans have lost their minds over cancellation news

NBC finally cut the cord on Hannibal and fans are a mess over the news. Everyone knows, though, that these days, cancellations aren’t always final.

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From Community to The Mindy Project, we’ve seen plenty of recently canceled shows find new life on other networks and entertainment providers. Even animated shows aren’t immune to revival from cancellation. Family Guy and Futurama have been tossed back and forth between networks to find a place where they can get a little love. So will Hannibal be the next show to be saved?

Fans seem to think so. Upon hearing the news that Hannibal would end after its current third season, they immediately took action. First, #SaveHannibal trended on Twitter and fans let the world know that this cancellation was basically ruining their lives. Next came a comment from Hannibal‘s showrunner encouraging fans that “all options are being explored.” To help out Hannibal bosses and to save their own entertainment, next came the online petition on The tagline is simple enough: “Fans want more Hannibal. Period.”

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But is it enough to save the show? Well, not really. Online petitions might actually be more useless than real-life government petitions. Still, it’s a chance for fans to feel like their voices are being heard. The petition currently has 40,000 signatures, which is pretty significant. But it might also explain why it was time for NBC to cut it loose.

Will Hannibal find a new place to dine on a different network, or perhaps online? We’re crossing our fingers for everyone involved, including the fans so devoted to their favorite serial killer. We’re not sure it makes much of a difference, but go sign the petition just in case!

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