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The new Spider-Man: 8 Things to know about Tom Holland

It’s official: The Marvel universe has a new Spider-Man.

In a press release this week, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios announced that British actor Tom Holland will be slipping on the suit and starring as Peter Parker in the latest Spidey reboot. “We had to find a vibrant, talented young actor capable of embodying one of the most well-known characters in the world,” said producer Amy Pascal, according to Us Weekly. “With Tom, we’ve found the perfect actor to bring Spider-Man’s story into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

While some fans are perturbed at the ousting of Andrew Garfield and others are lamenting yet another Spider-Man reboot — this is the third actor to play the superhero in less than 10 years — we have to admit that Holland isn’t a bad choice.

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He may not be a household name right now, but that’s surely about to change. Get a little better acquainted with Holland with these interesting facts.

1. He’s got major acting chops

Remember 2012’s The Impossible, the heart-wrenching film about a family literally torn apart during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in Thailand? Holland played the role of the family’s older son, Lucas, and went toe-to-toe in some truly emotional scenes with Naomi Watts. The clip below illustrating Holland’s acting in the film is really only the tip of the iceberg.

2. He’s up to the physical demands of playing a superhero

Playing Spider-Man, or any other action hero, for that matter, is no walk in the park. Just ask Garfield, who said he smacked his face against a wall and battled extreme temperatures while filming a clock tower scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. “It was really hot. I complained a lot,” Garfield admitted to SheKnows back in 2014. “I got a bit moany.”

But from the sound of things, Holland actually enjoys filming physically challenging scenes. “I was being thrown around on wires, being dragged underwater and all that sort of stuff. And I loved it,” he said in an interview of filming The Impossible. “Also what I loved about it, it taught me that you don’t have to completely rely on your acting ability to portray emotion. You can use your surroundings to help you.” That lesson might come in handy while flying through the air as Spider-Man.

3. He’s an animal lover

Holland is constantly posting about his adorable puppy, Tess, and other animals. Hey, he’s at one with nature, maybe it will help him tap into his spidey senses.

4. He already has an Avenger connection

Spider-Man hasn’t officially joined The Avengers lineup yet, but Holland has already shared some screen time with Thor.

OK, maybe not Thor, but definitely Chris Hemsworth. Holland and Hemsworth both star in In the Heart of the Sea, which is set to hit theaters in late 2015.

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5. He’s got some moves

Holland starred onstage as the title character in Billy Elliot the Musical from 2008 to 2010. Check out his skills and adorable accent.

6. He’s probably not going to need a stunt double for Spider-Man

In addition to his dancing skills, it also appears that Holland is no stranger to parkour. With athletic ability like this, why bother hiring an extra person to do stunt work?

7. He appreciates the great outdoors

Holland is into posting cool pics from hiking excursions and also has a keen eye for brilliant landscape shots and beautiful sunsets.

8. His Dubsmash game is strong

We’re just hoping he can bring Dubsmash to the big screen through Peter Parker.

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