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Jill Duggar’s one-year anniversary pics spark unnecessary debate (PHOTOS)

It’s been one year since Jill Duggar became Jill Dillard.

And one baby and one huge scandal later, the couple is celebrating the occasion with a few PDA-filled posts on Instagram. They shared an early throwback from the couple’s honeymoon at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

Nothing gets people more fired up than whenever a Duggar does… well, anything.

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Jill captioned this photo, “Happy #anniversary to the man of my dreams @derickdillard I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I had the privilege of saying ‘I do’! The longer I’m married to you to you the more I fall in love and realize how incredibly blessed I am to have you as my hubby! I’ll love you forever! #honeymoon #capehatteras”

Not only did she share this throwback selfie, but she shared a really lovely professional photo taken during an anniversary photo shoot of them holding a sign that reads, “We still do.” She captioned the photo, “Thank you @ezellon for the fun #anniversaryphotos today! Loved having you back in AR 1 year later!”

And fans have been sounding off, naturally.

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Comments on all of the recently embattled family’s posts are always mixed bag of support and chastisement. For the most part, commenters are wishing the couple a happy anniversary, but some comments get snarky.

For example, one person said, “You guys are the weirdest family, you can’t kiss at all before you’re married and afterwards you kiss every second… And it’s very awkward, not good timing kissing… Just stop…. You don’t have to kiss after every sentence… You guys are all way too sexual… It’s creepy and it makes your children molest their siblings because they have no other ways to get the desire out… Please make sure to not lock up your kids [sic] key and throw it away, let him have girls over, let him have unsupervised play dates and let him be a curious, sexual child… Don’t make him wait until he’s married to kiss…

Another said in response to the previous comments, “BEST COMMENT OVE [sic] READ ALL DAY!!! Yes yes yes!!!! The extreme rules and shaming that they get for being living breathing sexual beings is a major reason the tragedy happened in their family. They shelter these kids so much but then act so overly sexual in front of their kids. It’s not normal at all. It’s gross and inappropriate. I would never say the things Jim Bob says in front of his kids. It’s so gross ugh.

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If that’s what you, too, think about their lifestyle, their beliefs or the way their family handled the terrible events surrounding the sexual molestation scandal, then those arguments have value and merit. But I think these photos are sweet and not really the place to spark a debate about dating practices within their family or their religious sect. There is nothing different about this post than any other person using social media. We have to sometimes step back and remember she is just a newlywed who wants to express her love and happiness exactly where everyone else does: on social media. So sometimes, regardless of how you feel about everything that has happened recently, we need to give the judgment a rest and just be happy for a happy couple.

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