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Kanye West has a very specific reason he’s excited to have a boy

Well, here’s hoping this isn’t the only reason Kanye West wants his next baby to be a boy.

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Hollywood Life reports that the rapper, 38, is beyond excited that he and wife Kim Kardashian are expecting a little boy because he wants the West name to be carried on.

“Kanye is saying all the right things but behind the scenes he’s incredibly overjoyed he’s having a boy,” a source told the site. “He obviously loves North [West] but he absolutely wanted a boy this time around to carry on his family name.”

And as for Kim?

“Kim loves girls but she’s happy to have one of each sex,” the insider reportedly continued. And another added, “The excitement is overwhelming, whether it was a boy or a girl it is a big deal. But now they will have one of each and most likely will stop having any more children, they got what they always wanted.”

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All we can say is we hope there’s more to Kanye’s desire for a boy than just wanting someone to carry on the family name — that’s a pretty shallow reason to bring another kid into the world. And what’s wrong with North West, the couple’s daughter, taking a leaf out of Zoe Saldana’s book and having her husband take her last name if she gets married? Show us your feminist side, Kanye.

Hollywood Life also reports that the couple plans to stop at two kids, after Kim had a difficult pregnancy with North and a difficult time conceiving her son. But in the past, Kim’s never been shy about wanting a whole bunch of kids, so reports appear to be conflicting.

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Time will tell if Kim and Kanye will have more opportunities to carry on the family name kids, so in the meantime, tell us what you think. Are Kim and Kanye actually going to stop at two or do you think they’ll try for more kids? Head down to the comments and share your thoughts.

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