Past Bachelor contestants weigh in on UnREAL

The creator of Lifetime’s new show, UnREAL, is speaking out about all the Bachelor comparisons.

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, the lady behind the network’s breakout summer hit, worked on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for nine seasons before she left to create UnREAL.

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But Shapiro insists that UnREAL is not based around anything that actually happened behind the scenes of ABC’s reality dating show.

The inspiration for UnREAL came from a lot of different parts of my life that all had similar themes. I had worked in fashion, advertising and reality TV, all while being a writer,” Shapiro told E! News. “I had those moments in each one of them where I was sort of like, wow, I suddenly find myself in a position of doing something I really don’t like and I don’t feel good about. But what do you do with that information when you still are a grown-up and have to pay my rent? We always joke about the end of The Devil Wears Prada, where she’s like, ‘Eff you, job!’ and throws her phone into a fountain and then she becomes a famous journalist, and you’re like, ‘What?!’ In real life, what would happen is she’d be like, ‘Eff you, job!’ Throw her phone in the fountain, freak out, get it out of the fountain, put it in a bag of rice and text her boss like, ‘I’m so sorry! Can I please get my job back?’ That’s the thing, who gets to act like that?”

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Despite the fact that Shapiro is making it clear that the show is completely fictional, former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants are loving all the drama.

Former Bachelor contestant Jen Schefft shared her reaction with Shapiro. “It’s so great!” she reportedly said of the show.

Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas, on the other hand, told People she thought her experience was similar to what is depicted on UnREAL.

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Meanwhile, other former contestants have been sharing their reactions via Twitter.

UnREAL airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

Do you believe that UnREAL isn’t based in Bachelor truth?


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