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The Fosters welcomes a new(ish) member to the family

The Fosters has named its new Jesus, and he definitely looks the part. Now, the question is can he fit in with the rest of the family?

Jesus is coming home, but he is going to look a lot less like Jake T. Austin and a lot more like Noah Centineo. TV Guide reports the star of Disney’s How to Build a Better Boy will be stepping into the role of The Fosters‘ middle son, which was vacated by Austin earlier this year. While it was teased that the show was going to kill Jesus off, the Season 3 premiere revealed he was alive and well at boarding school on a wrestling scholarship.

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Centineo has acted in a number of comedic films and TV series aimed at the tween set, so he should have no trouble capturing Jesus’ goofy sense of humor. The young actor has not taken on anything quite as mature as The Fosters before, but given he has been acting since 2009 (and he’s only 19), he will surely be up to the task of bringing nuisance to Jesus.

Fans will have to wait a little while longer before Centineo makes his debut. Season 3 is currently in the middle of its summer run and Centineo was not cast in time to take part. He will be on board for the back half of the season, though, which is set to begin airing in early 2016.

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Now that the show has a new Jesus, it is time to start asking questions about what will bring him back home. Hopefully, the show won’t have the midseason finale end on another potentially tragic cliffhanger. The most natural reason for Jesus to return would be trouble at boarding school. That would also be a strong story for Centineo to play as he settles into the cast.

However the show chooses to bring Jesus back, let’s hope Centineo gels better with the cast than his predecessor did. During Austin’s time as Jesus, the character was often isolated in romantic plots, completely isolated from the more serious story lines going on around him. Austin made Jesus his own, but a new Jesus could lead to a more cohesive Fosters — and that is excellent news.

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The Fosters Season 3 airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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