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Kourtney’s the only Kardashian that didn’t wish Caitlyn a happy Father’s Day

The Kardashian-Jenner clan rallied around Caitlyn Jenner in honor of Father’s Day, but one familiar face was noticeably missing. Is there a family feud brewing?

All of the children Caitlyn Jenner sired or raised celebrated Father’s Day with her or at least sent her a shout-out on social media, except two. Robert Kardashian seemed to be MIA, but that’s not all that shocking, considering he seems to have become a hermit. The real shock is that there was radio silence from Kourtney all day long.

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Caitlyn posted a fun family pic of almost her entire gaggle of children on what looked like an off-road adventure.

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Kylie was missing from the shot, but she and several of her sisters paid tribute to Caitlyn on their own social media accounts.

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But there was absolutely nothing from Kourtney on Twitter or Instagram, and she wasn’t in the group shot Caitlyn posted either. Even Kanye is in the pic — and he is smiling! Granted, Kourtney has her own baby daddy to celebrate on that day, but it’s weird that there wasn’t so much as a tweet from someone who is usually so vocal with her support.

Is this a sign of a family feud or just an oversight? We hope it’s the latter, because Caitlyn can use all the support she can get — especially from the kids she helped raise.

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