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Teen Mom‘s Tyler Baltierra expressed major disappointment in his father

On Sunday, instead of paying tribute to his father on Father’s Day, Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra thanked an influential force in his life: his mother.

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Taking to Instagram, Baltierra wrote a beautiful message in which he described his love for his mom, Kim Forbes, but he also detailed the turmoil his father, Butch Baltierra, has put him through because of his drug addiction.

While Baltierra’s relationship with his father may be complicated, his recollection of the sacrifices his mother made for him in the past will leave you teary eyed.

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“I remember her taking us out to eat one time, but she didn’t order anything. I remember asking her why she wasn’t going to eat & all she said was I am not hungry,” Baltierra wrote. “I didn’t realize until I got home that there was barely anything to make a bowl of cereal at home let alone feed 2 kids. She later told me as an adult that she bounced the check to pay for us to eat.”

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Baltierra also revealed that he may have had to teach himself how to be a man, but his mom taught him a lot about how to treat a woman. And considering that his relationship with fiancée Catelynn Lowell is still going strong after 10 years, and that he is constantly offering her his encouragement, love and support, makes us think that his mom did a really incredible job.

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