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Sister Wives may welcome a new family member — on the show

The Sister Wives family will continue to grow in Season 6, and no, Kody isn’t taking another wife (at least not that we know of).

There is a new baby on board for the Brown family, and it just might arrive during Season 6. Sister Wives‘ patriarch and newest matriarch Kody and Robyn Sullivan Brown are expecting their second child together. For those who are keeping count, that brings the total number of children for Kody to 14, including all of the offspring from his other three spiritual wives. Add in Robyn’s three children from her previous marriage and the total comes to a whopping 17 children. Why should TLC bother replacing the Duggars when they already have the Browns?

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Robyn’s pregnancy comes at a complicated time for the Brown family. Last season ended with Kody divorcing Meri, his wife of 25 years, so he could legally marry Robyn. They made their union legal in hopes that it will allow Kody to adopt Robyn’s three children from her previous marriage. Season 6 will deal with the fallout from the decision as well as the brewing custody battle between the Browns and Robyn’s ex-husband.

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Complicating things further are rumors that Meri will leave the Brown fold. Now that her daughter is grown and her divorce is final, she could be leaving the house to pursue her own life. For his part, Kody has stated he is committed to keeping their marriage intact.

Meanwhile, Meri has neither denied nor confirmed that she will be leaving during Season 6. It is entirely possible she will stay and try to adjust to the new normal. The last possibility would be the best outcome for TLC since the drama between Meri and Robyn is surely what fans will be tuning in for.

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Are you looking forward to meeting the newest member of the Brown family? How do you think the baby’s arrival will affect the dynamic between the wives?

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