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The Duggars’ lies might go deeper than the molestation scandal

If you thought sexual abuse was the only crime the Duggars are trying to cover up, then you’ll be shocked by how deep the family’s lies actually go.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, both Jim Bob and Josh Duggar allegedly have a history of lying under oath in court — and it could have cost them some serious jail time.

In a lawsuit filed by the Duggar men in 2013 against Acceptance Casualty Insurance Company and Joe Brown Insurance Agency over a claim gone wrong, the men were specifically asked during the discovery phase of the proceedings, “Please produce copies of any reports, statements, or other documents provided from or to the Springdale Police Department, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, or the Arkansas State Police.”

They responded, “The Plaintiffs state that no such records exist.”

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However, we now know that this is not true — the Duggars were investigated by the Springdale Police Department in 2006 over allegations Josh molested five underage girls. Charges were never filed since the statute of limitations had run out, but the report obviously still existed.

In the same lawsuit, Jim Bob and Josh were asked if they had ever filed any other civil suits. They answered no, but Jim Bob actually filed a suit against his tenant James Penny and Wireless Technology Corporation 10 years earlier. In the case, Penny reportedly filed a motion for a temporary restraining order against Jim Bob, but the reality TV star eventually prevailed.

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If the Duggars are charged and convicted of lying under oath — a misdemeanor under Arkansas state law — they could be sentenced to as long as a year in jail. However, it seems once again that the family has skirted under that pesky statute of limitations, which in this instance is just a year.

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