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Why CW’s Hawkgirl is the only princess/superhero story worth remembering

Move over, Flash! Get outta our way, Arrow. There’s a new superhero on The CW’s block, and she’s cooler than both of y’all. Meet Hawkgirl! And, no, she’s not related to that glorified Olympian, Hawkeye.

(Sorry, Clint! You’re a nice guy and a skilled marksman with gadgets galore… I just think you belong on the cover of a Wheaties box, not the helicarrier.)

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Everyone has heard of Batgirl and Supergirl. And, yes, we are absolutely stoked for the upcoming Supergirl TV show, too. But nothing beats the news of a possible Hawkgirl-centered show. Rumor has it we’ll meet Hawkgirl in her first true theatrical adaptation later next year in Legends of Tomorrow, and The CW is already considering giving the superhero princess her very own spin-off. Unless you’re into comic deep cuts, it wouldn’t surprise most people if you admitted you didn’t know Hawkgirl. Her lack of popularity is really, truly mind-blowing. But, she’s absolutely worthy of some CW lovin’.

Hawkgirl was one of the first female superheroes and, no joke, comes with the most badass origin story of all time. No, she isn’t seeking revenge for the death of her parents and, no, she wasn’t born with her powers or bitten by a radioactive spider. Hawkgirl started as a princess and became super when she was mortally wounded.

That’s right, Disney Princess fans. This princess didn’t go through adversity and then go back to looking pretty on a throne somewhere. Nuh-uh. She set out across time to throw. down. Here’s her more in-depth Golden Age story:

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When we first met Hawkgirl, she was the super alter ego of Shiera Sanders Hall, the reincarnation of the Egyptian Princess, Chay-Ara. The story goes that centuries before, Chay-Ara and her one true love, Prince Khufu, were killed by a mutual enemy using a sword made of Nth metal. The strength of her love, mixed with the super powerful metal of the blade that pierced her, caused her to be reborn throughout the future… and also gave her superpowers that include flight, healing ability and insane strength. So… she’s not your average princess.

Hawkgirl is also cool because of her fighting skills. Much like Marvel’s Black Widow, Hawkgirl is at her fullest beast mode when engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Her weapon of choice is a doozy: the mace. (Trying to think of a Kill Bill reference…) In one of her previous regenerations, she was a gunslinger named Cinnamon. So, she’s also basically a sharp shooter.

As we all know by now, the comic world loves nothing more to reinvent their characters and tweak their stories. These days, Hawkgirl’s back story is that she was a police officer on her home planet of Thanagar. She believes in truth, justice and the… Thanagarian way. After heading to Earth to chase down a criminal, she became fascinated with humans and (after returning the prisoner to Thanagar) decided to stay. Now she patrols Earth as Hawkgirl and brings her version of justice to human criminals across the globe.

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Nothing official has been released by The CW, yet. But, we’re 50 shades of stoked for this spin-off to be the real deal. We’re not even picky about the story line. We know The CW could easily do a time hop and show Hawkgirl during her princessing days. They’ve proved time and time, again, that they’re capable of that sort of cinematography. We’d also be open a modern Hawkgirl. We’ve seen them attempt police procedures from time to time on Beauty and the Beast. But, Cat is a terrible excuse for a cop/detective. Maybe it’s time to try again… with a more believable female lead.

Would you watch Hawkgirl… or have we lost our minds? Tell us in the comments below!

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