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10 iZombie Season 2 spoilers that will feed your brain

iZombie literally had an explosive Season 1 finale. And while we’re definitely champing at the bit for Season 2, these spicy sneak peeks should help curb your appetite.

1. Detective Clive Babineaux won’t let the Meat Cute Massacre go

According to Entertainment Weekly, Detective Babineaux will be convinced Major somehow had a role in the Meat Cute Massacre and will spend a lot of Season 2 continuing his investigation, even though the rest of the department has let it go as a gang bust gone bad.

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2. Liv and Evan’s father will join the mix

TV Line got the scoop on Liv’s father. According to executive producer Rob Thomas, he is alive and well and will be joining the show in Season 2. Most likely, he’ll come back because of Evan’s injuries, but with the rest of Liv’s family and friends not too happy with her, it will be interesting to see how her relationship with her dad develops.

3. We might meet other dads, too

Thomas joked that Season 2 was the season of dads, so Liv and Evan’s father won’t be the only one joining the mix. We would love to meet Blaine’s family now that he’s human.

4. Lots of new characters to come

Aside from getting some dad time, expect other new faces as well. We’re hoping there will be new undead faces too, especially after most of them were massacred at the end of last season.

5. The cure will work

Thankfully, Major and Blaine won’t be done for in Season 2. That untested cure will work out just fine for both of them, though maybe not without some unexpected repercussions. Still, expect to see both characters back in Season 2.

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6. Ravi will search for more untainted utopium

Now that Ravi knows the cure works, he’ll spend Season 2 searching for more untainted utopium so he can create more doses and, hopefully, finally cure Liv and the rest of the zombie population.

7. Blaine will become an unexpected ally

Just because he’s a human again, thanks to Liv’s genius idea to stab him with the cure, doesn’t mean he isn’t dangerous. But he might be the lesser of two evils in Season 2 as a new baddie, Vaughn Du Clark, starts a mission to eradicate all zombies, good or bad.

8. Major might go without sex for Liv

Major’s journey in Season 1 was probably the most tragic. He was put through the ringer. But just because he was a zombie for half a minute doesn’t mean he’s willing to love the undead, especially considering his now seriously rocky relationship with Liv. But Thomas did tease that the show might play with the idea of Liv and Major giving a sexless relationship a go.

9. Liv’s friends will continue to isolate her

International Business Times reported that things won’t be heading back to happy, zombie-esque normalcy in Season 2, according to Thomas. The fallout from that insane Season 1 finale will continue to play a huge factor in Liv’s relationships moving forward. We’re still rooting for Liv and Major all the way!

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10. Aly Michalka will most likely return for Season 2

Thomas told Inquisitr that Aly Michalka had left the show to try her luck at a new pilot. This left her iZombie future up in the air. Luckily for iZombie lovers (but maybe not for Michalka), the pilot didn’t end up going to series, which means that Michalka will most likely be reprising her role as Peyton in Season 2. The only caveat is that she isn’t signed on as a series regular, so her episodes may be sporadic. But just as long as she and Liv make up, we’ll be happy.

What are you most excited to see in iZombie Season 2?

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