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6 Ways Lifetime’s UnREAL seems totally unreal

While Lifetime’s new series UnREAL may be based around a Bachelor-like show, these insane moments can’t actually happen in reality TV… we hope.

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1. The prostitutes

That whole scene with Adam having sex with a prostitute in front of Chet just totally blew my mind, and it was really the scene that drew the line for me between truth and fiction. And yet, is it bad that I still want Rachel and Adam to end up together? Although, if this were real life and Adam was actually The Bachelor, he would be even more hated than Juan Pablo.

2. The drugs

Chet has already been hospitalized for his excessive cocaine use. Not to mention all the alcohol-fueled debauchery. I know that alcohol flows rampantly on reality dating shows, but let’s hope other drugs aren’t as readily available as UnREAL would have us believe.

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3. The editing

Another moment in UnREAL that had me crying foul was when Rachel edited Anna’s reaction to her father’s death to make it look like she was a real b**** rather than a grieving and totally justified reaction, considering what the show did to her. If that were to happen in a show like The Bachelor, Anna would be running straight to a tabloid to set the record straight, and the show would get so much hate. I just can’t see the editing being that extreme. Though I know there have been debates in the past about just how much The Bachelor edits and whether that editing goes too far, that moment in UnREAL was an unbelievable extreme.

4. The manipulation

There’s coaching contestants, and then there’s illegal activity. Rachel has walked that line one too many times throughout UnREAL. Mostly she’s just a master manipulator, but the contract blackmail is out of control.

5. The exhaustion

As someone who started her career working on set (and a reality game show, at that), I can tell you that the days are exhausting. It’s a long and busy schedule. But I was never too tired to take a shower.

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6. No real connection

Adam doesn’t seem to actually spend a lot of time with the girls. Except with Grace, of course, but their time in the wardrobe trailer is definitely not about love. And while I don’t think the Bachelor actually has connections with all 25 ladies, I do believe that he genuinely spends enough time with his ladies to form true relationships with a handful.

All in all, UnREAL is an awesome show that’s definitely worth the watch if you love some good drama. It is one chaotic moment after the next that has kept me absolutely hooked since the pilot. So, while I’ll definitely keep watching, I just think it’s also important to keep the show in perspective. UnREAL is fiction, based on a real reality TV phenomenon. And while I haven’t seen The Bachelor behind the scenes firsthand, I think it’s safe to say that sometimes it’s bad, but it’s never that bad.

Which scene in UnREAL do you think has been the most unreal so far this season?

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