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Larry Wilmore trashes Fox News and the Duggars over Charleston (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart wasn’t the only Comedy Central host to have some harsh words about the Charleston shootings.

On Thursday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore blasted Fox News’s coverage of the massacre — and managed to get in a great dig at the Duggars, too.

The major issue? Fox is trying to spin the vicious murders into an attack on Christianity instead of a racially motivated attack, despite the fact that the killer himself said he chose his victims specifically because they were black.

“I know you guys don’t want to admit that racial stuff isn’t going on, but how can there be any doubt when it came out of the gunman’s mouth?” Wilmore said. “He told his victims, ‘I want to shoot black people.’ I think when he says black people, he means black people — and not Christians.”

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“I know we talk about race a lot on this show, but I think we can all agree this time that this is a racially motivated attack,” Wilmore said. “It couldn’t be clearer when it comes out of the killer’s mouth. But even with all of that evidence, on a day like today, Fox News just makes my f***ing head explode.”

“He’s being very clear,” Wilmore said. “Nobody thinks Christians are going around raping everybody and taking over the country. That’s not a thing — unless you’re a Duggar. Then it’s a thing.”


Wilmore then showed a clip of conservative pastor E.W. Jackson disputing the racial angle of the killings by saying that if they were truly a hate crime, the killer would have chosen “a bar” or “a basketball court” instead of a church.

“He didn’t choose a basketball court? What the f***, man?” Wilmore said. “Oh, you mean typically black areas like basketball courts. Why didn’t he choose a recording studio? He could have gone to a chitterling farm, (or a) breakdancing class (or) roller rinks. Why wasn’t he at a watermelon stand? Why didn’t he go there? Any literacy centers? He could have gone there. Look, if he wanted to target a high concentration of black people, why didn’t he choose any prison in the United States? Why didn’t he do that?”

In fact, Wilmore said, conservative media’s refusal to acknowledge the shootings as anything but an anti-Christian act shows that people’s understanding of racism may have gotten worse in the last 50 years, not better.

“Let me give you an example,” Wilmore explained. “Four black girls were murdered in a church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963. Back then, no one pretended to wonder what the motivation was. If you tried to say it was about religion, even the perpetrators back then would have corrected you. ‘No, we killed them because they’re n*****s — that’s why we did it.'”

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Watch the complete clip from The Nightly Show.

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