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9 Things we learned about Channing Tatum from his Pinterest board

With every moment that passes, Channing Tatum gets more awesome.

As if his sweet, sweet dance moves and the fact that his email to Amy Pascal about 22 Jump Street was the only good thing to come out of the Sony hack weren’t enough, Tatum participated in a Reddit AMA earlier this week that introduced us to a whole new world of information about him. Of all the vital data presented about magical seashells always filled with bourbon and the power of getting lost in Matt Bomer’s eyes, one little nugget of wisdom seems to stand out from the rest: Tatum is an avid Pinterester.

Of course, upon learning this, we ran right over to Pinterest to check out his boards. We typed in the URL with visions of pins about recipes for PB&J/Cheeto sandwiches and tips on how to fight the zombie apocalypse dancing in our heads. Instead, we found boards similar to what you might see on the Pinterest of a 22-year-old sociology major who recently moved out of her dorm and is looking to redecorate a little. I can make that judgement with full confidence because I, myself, was once a 22-year-old sociology major looking to redecorate a little. Channing Tatum, did we just become best friends?

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Tatum’s unexpected Pinterest situation is totally messing with our heads. Of course it’s hilarious, but is it hilarious because he assembled such non-Channing Tatum boards in jest and is trying to be funny, or is it hilarious because he’s dead-ass serious and really has a penchant for dishes and other domestic items? Our minds haven’t been this blown since Inception.

Though we are thoroughly confused, we’re going to make the conscious choice to believe that Tatum’s Pinterest is, in fact, not in jest and we’ll take the boards as a serious look into the life of this ever-captivating celeb. Here’s what we learned.

1. He’s into sculpture

In fact, he has an entire board titled “Sculpture,” and it’s filled with both existing pieces of art and photos of dancers that we are assuming Tatum even wants to sculpt himself.

2. He loves ceramic dishware

In a weird twist of events, Tatum’s board titled “Plate, dish, and cup.” is full of hand-painted glazed dishware, mostly adorned with little birds, flowers, baby deer and other dainty animals. Maybe he had a bigger hand in decorating his perfectly styled Beverly Hills home than we thought!

3. He really likes Segways

Tatum pinned links to a single-wheeled electric scooter that hopes to be “cooler than a Segway” and electric skates that claim to be “like Segways for your feet.”

4. He wants to fly

On a board titled “Dog Dream,” Tatum has pinned a ton of pictures of falling or flying. The pics of people in freefall are actually really artsy and beautiful.

5. He’s into sketches

His board “Vision” is full of other people’s pencil sketches of faces, human nude forms and animals.

6. He’s a history buff

The board “Story” features beautiful portraits and articles about things like the Wild West, the Civil War and the Depression. Is it safe to say that Channing Tatum is, like, super deep yet?

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7. He cyber-stalks his own wife

Tatum has a board dedicated to everything published on the internet about about Jenna Dewan-Tatum, from tabloid articles to her Whosay posts. Super cute.

8. He cyber-stalks himself

The actor has not one but two boards dedicated to all things Channing Tatum.

9. He was on The Simpsons

What?! How the heck did we miss that one?

We’re still not sure if Channing Tatum is just a much more layered human than we originally took him for or if he’s just trolling us with his Pinterest account, but we still love him either way.

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