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Cher has a very strong, negative opinion of Donald Trump

When it comes to Donald Trump, Cher has some strong feelings, and let us warn you — they are definitely not good.

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Taking to Twitter on Monday, the “Walking in Memphis” hit maker revealed her thoughts on Trump running for president in the 2016 election, and we think it’s safe to say that he will not be getting her vote. In fact, she plans to go to drastic measures (like moving to Jupiter) if he wins.

Cher also responded to several messages from her fans asking if she thinks Mr. Trump would win even one state, if she’d ever take a picture with him or if she’d rather pick Ted Cruz.
She also made a comment about not just leaving the country, but leaving Earth if Trump becomes the next president of the United States — obviously that’s not possible, but you get her point.

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However, not everyone agrees with Cher’s comments, as one fan of Trump pointed out that someone has to fight for the country. Cher’s not convinced that it should be the business magnate.

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