Party Down South 2: Karynda blogs about Bradley's emotional moment

Jun 19, 2015 at 12:50 p.m. ET
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Being together 24-7 for a few weeks now, we are starting to get a little tired of each other, and there is some drama in the house.

We are all working each other's nerves, and there are a lot of little arguments between everyone in this house. Because of this, Hunter, Tommy, Kelsie and I decided to go out to the beach and day drink to get away because we feel like we are the most drama-free members of the group. Little did we know, Tommy was going to tell Kelsie to let him have "bro time" with Hunter, and that immediately pissed off Kelsie and me. Not because Tommy wanted boy time, but because of the way he came at her about it.

Hunter and Tommy Party Down South 2

We thought he was against Hunter and Kelsie hanging out, like a jealous friend (not that he was trying to talk to him about Kelsie). I don't think that the way Tommy yelled at Kelsie was OK. I understand he was super wasted, but saying she was immature was a little much. Kelsie may be the youngest of our group, but I feel like she is more mature than most of us in some situations. By this time, every one of us is really wasted. Our goal at the beginning of the day was to get crazy, and we definitely succeeded. At one point, I was cut off at the bar because I didn't have my I.D. with me, because I broke it a couple of nights earlier, and then couldn't find it. I had to stay sober for a good hour until someone could bring me my passport. Watching my roommates drink while I sat out was the hardest thing to do ever.

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Bradley and Raven

Crying Party Down South 2

When Bradley was outside crying to the guys, us girls had no idea it was about the breakup. Raven came in and told me he was crying about his daughter and financial issues. I went out and gave him a hug and told him I was sorry, and that he will be OK. Little did I know that he and Raven were having issues with each other again! I personally thought Bradley and Raven were doing pretty good at this point because I didn't even see them arguing.

Earlier that day, they decided to go on a date, just the two of them, which I thought was a great idea because they could actually talk and see if the chemistry was still there. It looks like they had a good time and got along on the date, so when I found out that night that they were on the rocks again, I was super surprised. When Bradley was crying outside by the hot tub, drunk Duke and drunk me were trying to talk to him and help him out, but all I could do was fall asleep in his lap.

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So, about Joe...

Joe is so dang cute, but he is way too quiet and boring for me. Lunch with him was spontaneous but boring at the same time. He talked a little here and there, but anytime I tried to talk to him, he would barely talk back. There was one night I drunk-dialed him and he said "Hello?" and that was it. I could not get him to talk to me at all. That's when I took his number out of our phone book and decided not to call him anymore. At this point, things were starting to go downhill for us, and after the awkward lunch, I decided to go look for more Florida boys that could make me forget about Joe.

So much tension

At the beath, Party Down South 2

After the huge incident on the beach, there is definitely some tension between everyone in the house. When they start talking about the fight between Kelsie and Tommy, no one even really remembers exactly how it started. Ashton was trying to stand up for Kelsie, but I feel like she should have stayed out of it since she wasn't there and didn't know exactly what was going on. I do appreciate her practicing girl code and standing up for her friend, though. The world would be so much better if all girls stood up for each other.

I am sad I went to bed and missed out on the fight when Ashton hit Tommy with french fries. I don't think I would have pulled a Duke and stopped it. I probably would have laughed at the whole situation because who beats people with french fries?! Then I would have gotten mad at her for wasting fries. You know you can't waste food in front of me and my big ol' belly!

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