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Gigi Hadid body-shames herself on social media (PHOTO)

Gigi Hadid took to Instagram to be a little self-deprecating. And while we support the “no one is perfect” mantra… “Gigi Hadid” and “double chin” should never go in the same sentence.

The girl is tiny!

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Still, she captioned an Instagram photo taken of her at a fashion show on Thursday with, “When you love a photo but then you have a double chin..”

Sure, maybe she’s pursing her lips and got caught with a weird expression. But there is no double chin anywhere in sight in this picture.
Hadid is rocking that nude dress!

It just goes to show you, even supermodels have insecurities.

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One Instagram commenter responded perfectly, “Who doesn’t have a double chin at some angle. You are beautiful. You are human. Don’t let the standards of your industry define what/who is beautiful. Set that standard for them.”

And while Hadid might be focusing on this picture, the rest of the world is wondering about her love life. E! News confirmed that the blonde beauty is dating Joe Jonas after rumors that the two were together plagued the internet a couple months back.

“Things are going really well for them,” a source said to E!, “Gigi and Joe are hanging out again romantically. They are taking things light and just enjoying each other’s friendship.”

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Another insider added, “Gigi feels very comfortable with Joe and it’s very easy to talk about everything that’s going on in her life with him. He understands where she is at and they are not in any rush.”

Which is probably for the best since Hadid ended her long-term relationship with Cody Simpson just a few months ago.

But the two seem to be moving on just fine. Simpson recently commented on the relationship ending, saying, “Being by myself has just freed up space for me to actually be myself as opposed to half of somebody else.”

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