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Hope Solo wants everyone to know her side of the story

Hope Solo is ready to rebound from a tough year.

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At least, that’s what she told People magazine during a revealing tell-all interview. The soccer star wants her side of the story out there about the domestic assault scandal that rocked her year, and she says the true story isn’t at all like most people believe.

According to a police incident report, officers arrived at Solo’s half-sister’s home around midnight on June 21, 2014, where they were told Solo had “repeatedly punched” both Teresa Obert, her half-sister, and Obert’s 17-year-old son. Obert’s son told officers he broke a wooden broomstick over Solo’s head to stop her from “assaulting” his mother. Solo alleges he did it because he was angry after she insulted him.

Solo was arrested on two counts of domestic violence assault and police reports say she was combative and insulted officers as she was being taken to jail.

“It’s been a painful year,” a tearful Solo told People. “I almost lost my career. It’s been traumatic and embarrassing.”

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In January of this year, a judge dismissed the case against Solo because Obert and her son had left the state and, People reports, prosecutors withheld evidence from Solo’s attorneys. Though that meant no jail time for Solo, she said it wasn’t the best possible outcome.

“I wish my name was cleared,” she said. “But people still believe I was involved with domestic violence and that I hit a child. And I’ve had to accept that there’s nothing I can do to change people’s opinion of me. She [Obert] did everything she could to protect her son at the expense of my career and my future, and that was hard to swallow.”

Now, however, months later, Solo says she’s focusing on her soccer career, which is helping her get to a better place.

“Hope’s been fantastic and we’ve moved on,” U.S. National Team coach Jill Ellis said.

Solo added, “It’s been awful, but I’m at peace.”

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Do you believe Hope Solo’s account of what happened the night of her arrest? Or do you think there’s more to the story? Head down to the comments and share your thoughts.

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