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One actress is fuming over Maggie Gyllenhaal’s ageism confession (VIDEO)

Helen Mirren had a fierce reaction when she found out Maggie Gyllenhaal was turned down for a role solely because of her age.

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Gyllenhaal revealed a few weeks ago that, at age 37, she was told by Hollywood executives she was too old to play a 55-year-old actor’s love interest!

It made me feel bad, and then it made me feel angry, and then it made me laugh,” Gyllenhaal said during the interview with The Wrap.

And we’re not the only ones fuming.

When Mirren found out about Gyllenhaal’s quotes at The Wrap’s Power Women Breakfast in New York City on Tuesday, she shared her reaction with dozens of attendees, “F***ing outrageous! F***ing outrageous! It’s ridiculous. Honestly. So annoying. So annoying and ’twas ever thus.”

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And that’s why she’s the queen.

As if Mirren’s sentiment wasn’t already perfect enough, the actress continued, sharing her own experience from the James Bond franchise.

“We all sat there watching, you know, James Bond… as James Bond got more and more geriatric and his girlfriends got younger and younger,” she explained as she danced in her seat and waved her hands at the ridiculousness of it. “It’s so annoying.”

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What is encouraging about the whole situation is that actresses aren’t staying silent on these injustices within the film world anymore. Women are speaking out in the hope that things will change and the relationships we see on the screen will become more realistic. A woman in her thirties is far from old. If anyone proves they can rock it all the way through their sixties and beyond, it’s Mirren, who is currently 69.

Check out the full clip from Mirren’s interview with The Wrap below.

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