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24 Times Hyde punched Kelso on That ’70s Show (VIDEO)

After That ’70s Show left the small screen in 2006, there was a sweep of depression as the sad realization set in that we had seen Hyde lay it down on Kelso for the last time.

It’s been over nine years since that sad day in May, but with this week came a spark of hope and possibility. We might actually see a Hyde/Kelso-style brawl once again.

Newly announced Netflix show The Ranch reunites That ’70s Show actors Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher in a comedy about two brothers running their family business in Colorado, according to Deadline. Kutcher’s character is returning home after a brief semi-professional football career and Masterson’s character has been loyal to the ranch, so there’s already the perfect setup for an adversarial relationship between the two. It won’t necessarily be Steven Hyde and Michael Kelso we see scrapping, but we think it’s safe to say tussles will be had.

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In honor of The Ranch bringing a tiny piece of That ’70s Show back to life, here are our favorite times Hyde and Kelso engaged in fisticuffs.

1. Gum drop

Image: YouTube

Hot Donna was almost collateral damage during that body slam.

2. Captain Poo Face

Image: YouTube

Sometimes Hyde just can’t handle all the stupid.

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3. Mashed potatoes

Image: YouTube

Hyde’s always messing with Kelso’s eye! He was seriously asking for it this time, though.

4. Foul

Image: YouTube

Even a friendly game of driveway basketball goes awry with these two.

5. Kelso gives Hyde the tongue

Image: YouTube

Never mess with another man’s food.

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6. Butt print

Image: YouTube

… or his car.

7. Testy

Image: YouTube

C’mon, Kelso! You know where there’s a will there’s a way, and you also know that Hyde is smarter than you.

8. Change it back

Image: YouTube

Kelso’s face was just begging to be punched.

9. You’re not gonna wiggle your way out of this one

So there isn’t any actual brawling in this moment, but it’s definitely a war of words and too perfectly Hyde and Kelso not to include.

10. to 24. Sweet, sweet memories

In the series finale, Kelso comes back to visit Hyde and we get the ultimate montage of Hyde slugging away. Just like us, Kelso looks back at the love/hate relationship fondly.

What’s your favorite Hyde/Kelso moment?

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