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Miley Cyrus’ amfAR date is far more interesting than her armpit hair (PHOTOS)

There’s a lot of chatter today about the tufts of armpit hair peeking out from Miley Cyrus’ ballgown at the amfAR Gala, but it’s really her date, and why she was being honored, that we should be talking about.

Cyrus rolled up to the amfAR Gala in a dramatic red strapless Moschino gown featuring a huge bow in back and glittery black hearts — and no, she did not shave her armpit hair for the occasion, and no, she DGAF what you think about that.

What she does care about, however, is that you pay attention to her date and the cause she was being honored for.

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You might recognize Ford from The Glee Project, and that’s apropos because “glee” was pretty much the emotion of the night!

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Cyrus was being honored with the Inspiration Award for her work with her Happy Hippie Foundation and her new #InstaPride campaign, increasing social acceptance for gender expansive and transgender people — and her emotional speech showed us exactly who we can thank for the singer’s huge heart.

“I’m happy to have you here, and I just want to tell you how much I love you,” Cyrus said to her parents, Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus. “I hope this [award] makes you proud and somehow makes up for all the shit that I do all the time. You are two of the most selfless people, and you taught me and all my siblings how important it is to be there for those who need us and how important it is to care about other people and their lives. So thank you for making me learn that. People say they don’t choose their family; I chose my family every time.”

“I think that even if you weren’t my mom and dad, I hope we’d still be in the room together looking for a cure,” she said. “… I want to work every day to do something good for someone else or I will feel not only as if this honor has just been wasted, but my life and all the influence that comes with it. And I hope that one day I’m on this earth to experience an AIDS-free world.”

Cyrus also donated three original works of art based on Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover, which sold for $69,000 at auction for AIDS research.

AMFAR Instagram post

Image: AMFAR Instagram

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