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More legal trouble from Jim Bob Duggar’s past comes to light

Just when some of the smoke was starting to settle from the fires burning around the Duggar empire, it appears more past legal trouble for the reality TV family is coming to light.

This time, it allegedly involves Jim Bob Duggar and a restraining order.

According to Radar Online, court documents were obtained that state James Penny and Wireless Technologies Corporation filed a temporary restraining order against the patriarch in August 2004.

This was just one year after Josh Duggar was involved in the sexual molestation of his sisters and other young girls. So it is fair to assume they were still dealing with the issues surrounding those events.

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The trouble between these two parties dates back to 2003 when Duggar sued Penny and the corporation for failing to vacate a building he owned. In July 2003, a judge ordered them to leave, and they were also later ordered to pay Duggar the remainder of their lease agreement.

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The following year, for reasons we don’t have access to in the documents, Penny and Filtek Corp., the company for which Penny served as vice president, tried to obtain a restraining order against the 19 Kids and Counting dad.

The order was denied, but what a strange additional twist in the past of Jim Bob and his family. It seems we just keep learning about more legal trouble the ultra-Christian family has had, and it sure would be nice to have some more context as to why the company and Penny felt they needed a restraining order.

If more information becomes available, this story will be updated.

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