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Iggy Azalea’s got problems and they might affect J.Lo

Iggy Azalea might be basking in newly engaged bliss, but that doesn’t mean her other troubles have gone away.

In the wake of some ill-thought-out tweets, which caused quite a backlash and the cancellation of her tour, Azalea doesn’t seem to need any more trouble.

But Azalea’s ex-boyfriend, Hefe Wine (aka Maurice Williams) is allegedly making even more trouble for Azalea and all her megastar friend. The “Fancy” belter is suing her ex for allegedly taking the contents of a hard drive while they were dating and subsequently releasing some of her music. Now he is threatening to drag a laundry list of other high-profile celebs into the legal battle with her.

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A court document, which was obtained by Radar Online, shows that Williams has submitted a list of other performers with whom Azalea has collaborated, and his legal team would like to subpoena them because they may have “discoverable information” that could help his defense.

The list includes Ariana Grande for her part in “Problems,” Jennifer Lopez for her part in “Acting Like That” and Katy Perry for “Black Widow.” Also included is Charli XCX for “relating to participation and rights to the song ‘Fancy.'”

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We don’t know the real story yet as it is still being played out in court, but from the outside looking in, it sure looks like Williams is just a man scorned. After Azalea became famous in 2011, Hefe Wine began releasing songs by himself featuring Iggy Azalea. Azalea’s legal team shut that down quickly, but when “Fancy” became a hit in 2014, Williams tried piggybacking again, which is what led to all this litigation in the first place, as previously mentioned.

We’ll have to wait and see if these other performers are actually brought into the battle and what the actual truth of the matter is once the suit has been settled.

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