Pretty Little Liars: Finally, I think I know who A is

Jun 17, 2015 at 8:50 a.m. ET
Image: ABC Family

The Pretty Little Liars #SummerofAnswers may have officially started tonight with new details emerging about Charles' past.

While the show has been taking a break from the heavy-focused Charles drama to detail the girls' recovery in the first two episodes, tonight finally brought us back to the heart of the Charles mystery. And with it came some startling revelations.

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The biggest: Jason had an "imaginary friend" when he was younger named Charlie.

But we've seen the video that played in the dollhouse. Charlie/Charles definitely wasn't imaginary.

Of course, it's Pretty Little Liars, so things aren't always what they seem. It could be that the boy in the video wasn't Charles but Jason with a friend. And Charles and Jason are the same person. What if Jason had a multiple personality disorder that developed at a young age and Charles was the version of himself without empathy?

Jason remembered that his father told him when he was 6 years old that Charlie needed to go away. What if, by that, Papa DiLaurentis meant they were starting Jason on some medication.

Of course, if that's the case, then who was the other boy in the video with Jason/Charles that Spencer saw in the dollhouse? Just a friend? Someone we know on the show now?

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More likely than that theory, the imaginary friend fact seems to confirm the twin theory with Jason at the center. If Charles was Jason's twin, perhaps Charles developed psychological problems at an early age that caused the parents to send him to Radley for treatment — only he showed such psychopathic tendencies that he never left.

If Charles felt abandoned by the DiLaurentis family because they couldn't handle his mental problems, that would certainly be cause for Charles to focus on Ali as a point of obsession since she got everything he ever wanted.

But my sticking point — the big thing that has yet to be explained — is why Charles is focusing on the other Liars rather than just Alison. Perhaps, when Alison left town, Charles thought the Liars knew more about her disappearance than they were letting on, so he was harassing them to try to get information out of them. And now that he's been in their lives for so long, he isn't willing to let them go so easily either.

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After six seasons of the show, I am still desperately keeping my fingers crossed that the show has a seriously creative twist up its sleeve that ties all of the Pretty Little Liars' pieces together. But it seems like at this point the show has thrown in so many curve balls, it's hard to believe we'll ever get a definitive answer.

Sure, we have a name now, but without a backstory the character is absolutely meaningless in the context of the show. But, especially with the way this episode ended with Papa DiLaurentis sitting down with Alison and Jason for a serious Q-and-A session, it seems like the #SummerofAnswers has finally shown up in all its glory.

Do you think Jason's imaginary friend is the key to Charles' true backstory?