Full House's creator says he won't recast Michelle — thankfully

Jun 17, 2015 at 1:10 a.m. ET
Image: ABC

Ever since it was revealed that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen — unsurprisingly — wouldn't be partaking in the reboot on Netflix, fans of the series have been wondering what the show would do about the role of the youngest Tanner daughter, Michelle.

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The most pertinent question was whether or not the role would be recast. And now we have our answer, with Full House creator, Jeff Franklin addressing the rumblings he'll be looking for another set of blond twins to take on the role.


The Jen and Kat referred to in Franklin's tweet are the twin musical duo, whose childhood photos posted to Instagram reveal they bore a striking resemblance to the Olsen twins when they were toddlers. But, aside from their blond hair, they don't really look all that similar to Mary-Kate and Ashley as adults. This might also be a good time to point out that the role of Michelle was originally played by twins because of child labor laws, so the role of an adult Michelle wouldn't need to be played by twins if a recast were to take place.

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But now that we know a recast isn't going to happen, it does beg the question of how the reboot will address Michelle's obvious absence — presumably they'll mention her and what she's up to, we just won't get to see her. But in all honesty, not getting to see her is better than having to deal with an impostor.

Although it totally sucks that Mary-Kate and Ashley won't be taking part in the reboot given Full House's undoubted contribution to their careers, it's not at all surprising that they elected to give the new show a miss.

While it is unfortunate for fans who won't get to actually see Michelle on the show, merely hearing about her is a far better option than having to watch someone else who we didn't grow up with take on the role. Fuller House is all about nostalgia, and there will be nothing nostalgic about seeing someone other than Mary-Kate and Ashley play Michelle Tanner. Instead, it would be plain weird — for the other actors as well as for viewers, I'd imagine.

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As someone who was closest in age to Michelle when Full House was on the air, she was my undoubted favorite at the time — which means of all the characters on the show, I identified with her the most and, as a result, she was the character whom I wanted to see the most.

Now, as an adult, I see the true value of D.J. and realize how super-freaking cool she is, but as a kid, I was all about Michelle. And not only was I obsessed with Michelle, I was obsessed with the Olsen twins because they were the ones who played her. Having to endure seeing someone else play a character who was such a beloved part of my childhood would be nothing short of traumatic.

So, it seems Franklin and the powers that be have made the right decision, even if the Olsen twins made the wrong one (well, for us, at least).