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Aaron Paul just pulled off the meanest Breaking Bad prank ever (VIDEO)

Another Breaking Bad spinoff is in the works?

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Not so fast.

Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman on the show, took to the live streaming app Periscope to share some “super top-secret news.”

“So, here’s the news. Are you ready?” Paul says to fans after more than a minute of stalling and rambling. “(Breaking Bad producer) Vince Gilligan told me that it was OK to tell the world: There will be, in fact — man, I can’t believe I get to tell you all this.”

The Periscope feed cuts out more than a few times and we catch Paul dropping some colorful language and continuing to stall before finally delivering the big news: A new Breaking Bad spinoff series will center around Jesse Pinkman.

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Obviously, fans freaked out. The bad news? Not a word of it was true.

Paul tweeted shortly after his Periscope broadcast that it was a “joke.” Yep, meanest joke ever. Why would he even do that? We have a theory: He was hitting the booze a little too hard at whatever that celebration event was.

His language and his weird rambling definitely back up our theory that some liquid courage was involved in this announcement. That and the fact he invited all his fans to go see a movie with him in Boston — all 3,000 people watching the Periscope broadcast. Probably a few more than could fit in a movie theater.

“I wish I could hear you. I wish I could hear you all at once,” Paul says, laying his head down on a pillow. “I wish I could turn on the volume and see if we could do that.”

He goes on to say he thinks staff at Periscope are “spying” on him. It’s, in a word, weird.

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Check out the full video and then tell us your take. Do you think booze was behind Aaron Paul’s terrible sense of humor? Or is he just a cruel practical joker? Let us know what you think.

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