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Pitch Perfect 3: 5 possible plot lines for the sequel (which now has a release date!)

Aca-believe it: Pitch Perfect 3 is officially happening — and is has a new release date.

While this is certainly exciting news, fans seem pretty peeved that the studio has changed the date for the third time. Originally, it was slated to hit theaters on July 21, 2017. Toward the end of September, it was pushed to Aug. 4, 2017. Then the studio moved it back to July 21. And now? It’s Dec. 22, 2017. I mean, just check out those tweets responding to the news:

So why a December release? Deadline has a pretty good theory, stating it was smart to move the date so as to not compete too much with the already overcrowded midsummer weekend. Nor will it compete against Star Wars: Episode VIII — because it attracts a completely different audience.

So what can we expect from the third installment?

Two of the original stars are definitely returning: Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have both signed on to reprise their roles in the next sequel, even though their characters supposedly graduated last season. In addition to Kendrick and Wilson returning to star, original screenwriter Kay Cannon will also once again pen the script. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Banks, who costars in both films and helmed Pitch Perfect 2, has signed on to produce, although it’s unclear if she’ll also serve as director.

While it’s exciting to see so much of the original team back, we can’t help but wonder what the new movie will entail. After all, as Pitch Perfect fans will know, most of the Bellas graduated from Barden in the last movie. So where does that leave them? Here are five plot possibilities for Pitch Perfect 3.

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Anna Kendrick, Hailee Steinfeld

1. Emily and the next generation of Barden Bellas take over

Pitch Perfect 2 introduced freshman and Bella legacy Emily Junk (Hailee Steinfeld) to the group. She played an important part in the movie as her character was the one to write “Flashlight,” the song that helped the Bellas win the international championship. The end of the film, in which Emily gets initiated by sliding down the staircase of their home, clearly left the door open for her to become the next leader of the group after the graduation of all the other members.

With that in mind, it seems likely that Pitch Perfect 3 will focus on Emily recruiting the new generation of Bellas. So how exactly would Kendrick’s Becca and Wilson’s Fat Amy come into play? Well, Emily will need a little help whipping the new Bellas into shape — the perfect opportunity for a cameo from the Pitch Perfect vets.

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Rebel Wilson

2. Fat Amy steals the show

I think anyone would agree that Wilson’s Fat Amy is one of the best characters of the entire Pitch Perfect franchise. In the last sequel, we thankfully got to see a little more of her, as she delved further into her romance with Bumper (Adam DeVine). For the next film, why not put even more of the focus on her? She can sing, she’s hilarious and she’s best friends with Becca (which would explain Kendrick’s appearance). Plus, as her character revealed in the last movie, she has some pretty hysterically over-the-top ideas for her future, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see her become a music star in her own right.

Pitch Perfect 2

3. Becca, Fat Amy and the other Bellas take on post-grad life

In Pitch Perfect 2, we see all of the main characters (excluding Steinfeld’s Emily, who is a freshman) getting ready to graduate and plotting life after college. Becca takes an internship at a record label in pursuit of her dream to become a music producer, Chloe finally passes her classes, etc. Pitch Perfect 3 could see those dreams come to fruition, with all of the girls keeping in touch and many of them probably still working in a music-related field. Of course, they’d also have to return to Barden at least once, to visit the new Bellas — and maybe even pop up in a competition. We can hope.

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Pitch Perfect 2

4. The Bellas go professional

Another option for Pitch Perfect 3? The Bellas form an adult a cappella group and perhaps even go professional, Pentatonix-style. That would keep all of the characters together and ensure lots more musical performances from the group as a whole. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see all of the Bellas, particularly Fat Amy, get famous?

Not to mention, Wilson is behind this idea. She told Variety she’d like to see the Bellas become a “real singing group” after their collegiate run.

Rebel Wilson, Adam DeVine

Image: Universal Studios

5. A wedding

What better way to bring all the Bellas back together than a wedding? Though Becca and Jesse (Skylar Astin) have been dating longer, I think most Pitch Perfect fans would love to see a Fat Amy and Bumper wedding. Knowing them, it would be fun, hilarious and yet surprisingly touching. Plus, maybe the Bellas could perform a song in honor of the occasion at the reception. I’d want to be a guest at that wedding — just sayin’.

Pitch Perfect 3 will hit theaters on Dec. 22, 2016.

This article has been updated. It was originally published June 15, 2015.

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