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Josh Duggar is back on social media for one reason (PHOTO)

Since it was revealed that as a teenager, Josh Duggar molested five underage girls, two of whom were revealed to be his sisters Jill and Jessa, he has removed himself from social media.

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On Monday, the eldest son of the Duggar household broke his silence on social media after he took to Instagram to wish his son Michael James a happy birthday.

Josh kept the birthday message short and sweet as he captioned a picture of his smiling little boy with the words “Happy 4th Birthday Michael James! #Big4 #HappyBirthday #Michael.”

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Josh’s wife of almost seven years, Anna, also took to Instagram to mark the milestone in their son’s life as she posted a sweet video of him blowing out the candles on his birthday cake.

However, not everyone is happy to see Anna and Josh return to social media, and many of the comments are filled with negativity, which has caused a bit of a fight between fans and critics. One comment from a fan on Josh’s picture reads, “Why do people come on here to hate? If you hate @joshduggar so much then just un follow him and stop causing silly arguments! Can he not just post a message saying happy birthday to his son on IG without getting hate? Its mikeys birthday for gods sake!!!!” [sic]

Another fan had similar thoughts, telling those that were unimpressed with Josh’s post to go spend their time doing something more productive.

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“If everyone hates him so much, spend the time doing something positive for you and your family. Not constantly bombarding every post a Duggar makes. And to the person who insinuated his 4 year old son is a future pedophile, you are seriously mental,” the comment reads.

It appears that even in the midst of controversy, Josh still has people in his corner.

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