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Jill Duggar shares pic of baby Israel in wake of molestation scandal (PHOTO)

Jessa Duggar Seewald did it yesterday.

Now sister Jill is doing it, too. Returning back to their normal lives. At least a little bit. In the wake of the molestation scandal involving their older brother Josh.

Jessa posted a sonogram of her baby on Monday, and Jill has now posted an adorable photo of baby Israel and daddy Derick Dillard sitting in a comfy chair and reading a book Jill tells us is the Bible.

Cute. Innocuous enough. Just a sweet bonding moment between a parent and his little baby. There is nothing wrong with the picture; what is strange are the comments.

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The majority of the comments say something along the lines of, “Awww,” or “So Cute,” with a million exclamation points. But more than a few repeat how much they miss seeing the extra large family on television since TLC pulled their show from the air after it came out that mom and dad Duggar, Jim Bob and Michelle, knowingly and willingly covered up the molestation of not only several of their own daughters, but other people’s children, as well.

Again, with such strong fans of the show, it is understandable they might miss their weekly marathon binges of 19 Kids and Counting.

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Most bizarre are the multiple comments about Derick’s appearance!

Comments like, “Beautiful family, but seriously clean derick [sic] up he needs to shave!” or “Lordy b… maybe she likes him scruffy. Different strokes for different folks.”

The best one, “I can’t believe @derickdillard is holding and bonding with that sweet boy instead of doing his hair or shaving! dude needs to get his priorities straight! I mean… he does look unemployed now that he has a beard.…”

I can’t tell, in the waves of hundreds of other comments, if this last one is being sarcastic. I’d like to think christinacrowe88 is trying to be ironic, but I seriously can’t tell because there are several more “he needs to cut his hair” comments that follow.

Looks like women aren’t the only ones getting appearance shaming these days on social media. Not that it makes it any better.

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