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Bravo star opens up about society’s double standards on motherhood

We’re only three episodes into Bravo’s first scripted series, Odd Mom Out, and we’re already hooked. SheKnows chatted with K.K. Glick about what’s ahead for single-girl Vanessa and her BFF, the odd mom out, Jill. We got deets on the show and on life in Hollywood for moms and non-moms.

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This week’s episode of Odd Mom Out was the perfect example of everything the show does right. Sure, those of us who aren’t tied down love to sulk about how hard it can be to connect with our friends with kids, but the truth is that it’s all about making an effort. Glick’s character, Vanessa, is going through drastically different life changes than her BFF, Jill. But that doesn’t mean she can’t relate or, at the very least, let her vent. This week, Jill was on a mission to get her family accepted into a prestigious cemetery all while still stressing over what school her kids would go to the next year. Vanessa, on the other hand, had just been told not to have kids and to spend time chasing hobbies instead. Except… what exactly were Vanessa’s passions?

“See, the thing about having kids is that you don’t have to worry about stupid stuff like having passions,” Jill told her in jaded silliness.

Then, as Jill prattled on about how seriously her in-laws were taking their final resting place, Vanessa was able to goof off with her BFF about the absurdity of the situation and help her relax under the pressure. We’re not sure anyone actually has pre-death burial-choice pressure, but we could certainly relate to Vanessa’s struggle. It seems as if so much of the world is still rooted in its belief that all women should have kids. And yet our generation is seeing more and more women saying, “I don’t want kids, and that’s cool, too.” Are we traitors to feminists if we want to be moms and wives, or traitors to the world by not wanting to supply it with more humans?

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We asked Glick about her perception of the motherhood paradox.

“I think I’m spoiled in that, yes, you feel certain pressures. But I feel now in this day and age that there are more options,” Glick said, though she mentioned she feels solid in her choice to hold off for now. “I kind of just by default kept putting my passion for performing and comedy — and I love making people laugh — first, prior to that path of starting a family. And I am OK with that. I do think that the biological clock thing is real. I always thought it was kind of a cliché, but you do [get asked] — especially by women in banks I am approached by [on] how I don’t have a child yet. Strangers mostly want to know when I’ll start procreating.”

Of course, it’s not exactly fair that a woman should have to choose between working and motherhood. However, Glick isn’t alone in her decision to focus on one and then the other. On Odd Mom Out, we see the moms treat Jill’s photography as a hobby while they treat their own pet projects as their jobs, even if most of their projects are pawned off on others so that they can do lunch with the girls. We asked Glick if she thought Hollywood was more accepting of working moms than the Upper East Siders on OMO, and she said people try, but it still seems hard.

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“I think that, just by default, it is so difficult for women to raise children and have a full-time career at the same time. I think in all industries it’s just really difficult,” Glick shared. “Yes, actresses often make a lot of money. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult for them because they can afford nannies and things. I think it’s just difficult to manage it all. I mean, sometimes I don’t sleep just because I have to go to the dentist and do laundry. I can’t imagine adding a full-time job and three kids to that. But, I guess it’s all relative.”

To watch Glick and her costar tackle more of the struggles of motherhood (and non-motherhood), tune in to Odd Mom Out on Bravo, Mondays at 10/9c.

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